And there’s more. An excellent day and a bit which took a big bite out of the Cumbrian GBG apple, and you know how vital it is to complete that before Si.

SPOILER : Si will NEVER get to Hesket Newmarket

More solid proper names like Kirkoswald and Langwathby; each with their own picturesque station. Great news for BRAPA.


A really great bit of lighting at the Shepherds Inn, too.

How welcoming is that ?

Some exciting beers, including one called “Woolly hat“, but I stuck with the Cumberland, because I was in Cumberland.


The service was particularly friendly; my seating options less so.

As Pub Curmudgeon wrote this week, finding a pub with decent seating is more important than finding a pub with a choice of eight pale beers.

A smart dining room, a sofa, a few uncomfortable looking tables,


or a seat in the corner where the window meets the door and produces a mini library of adult Ladybird books.


Oh, and a teddy bear.

Marty bear not impressed with his seating either

The Jennings was fruity enough, and improved from a 2.5 to a 3 as I read the Ladybird book on Donald.


Mark Crilley will ask how a beer can improve like that, and I will again confess I don’t know. The mysteries of cask, Mark (hey, good name for a real ale assessment service).

14 thoughts on “LANGWATHBY PUTS retiredmartin IN THE CORNER

    1. Aha, as they say in Scotland.

      On a recent talking point however, low, soft seating is the worst in dog-ruled pubs, as so many are these days.

      I’m wondering if that’s partly behind the move to high chairs. Try getting your fat old rotweiler up onto one of those?

      That problem at least was not apparent from your fine pictures though.


  1. Martin, your presence was missed yesterday in Burton, but I’m pleased to report that the Real Pub Men and I had an excellent day out.

    Some cracking pubs and plenty of Bass, most of which was on top form.

    Full reports and plenty of photos to come in due course. 🍻

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    1. With all the devastation elsewhere it was hard to find news on the effects of flooding in Burton.

      I trust that it escaped the worst, Paul?


      1. No signs of flooding noticed in Burton, Etu. We walked over the bridge that crosses the Trent, and there appears to be plenty of spare capacity, should the river burst its banks.

        Impressive, so a well worth a photo or two on the blog.


      2. Etu,
        Looking on the bright side it’s nice to know that after all the rain those 61 metre deep wells below Burton won’t run dry during our lifetimes.

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