wp-15834044993951694134677595392326.jpg2nd March 2020

More of those epic fails you lot love to read about, sitting at home in your underpants* drinking cans of DIPA.

Next up I head down towards Cartmel, best known for, er, sticky toffee pudding.wp-15834043559211285855869987082121.jpg

Look at the previous post for the bigger picture.

Oh yeah, there’s horsey racing.

20,000 visitors on race days, astonishingly

“Cartmel was the site of the Gay Future ‘coup’ in 1974 that involved switching horses before a race and relying on the lack of communications at the course.” says Wiki.

Racing takes place at such picturesque sounding places, doesn’t it. Chepstow, Uttoxeter, Kelso, Punchestown, Hexham, Wolverhampton. Cartmel gets huge crowds over its Bank Holiday meets, though you wonder where they all park.

Don’t park on the green

1,831 souls in Cartmel and Grange West, whatever that is, and eight entries on WhatPub,

NONE of them in the GBG due to their insistence on only selling sticky toffee pudding flavoured DIPA. Some attractive old gastropubs for the gentlefolk thronging the main square on a Monday in March.wp-1583404438398786783243095184503.jpg


None of them say “pub” to me, but they nearly all say “Craft” on the wall, along with the dreaded “Food.Bar.Rooms“.

If you’ve been to Stratford-on-Avon you’ll know what to expect.If you go, visit outside the races and pop in Well Bread for a homemade chocolate cake. Don’t resist.I pressed on to Cark, with Duncan’s warning ring in my ears. “You’re brave, visiting Lake District pubs in Monday in Winter”. He was right.

No. I couldn’t wait till 4.

*So sue me, I know Amazon has pics


      1. None by the looks of it. I’m guessing that pub would have been part of the estate acquired with R. F. Case of Barrow in the Charrington United Breweries days.

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  1. Our eldest was nearly thrashed with a crop, for saying “horse racing”, rather than plain “racing” amongst such types.


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of sticky toffee pudding. It sounds lovely though. And as you suggested has no doubt been adopted as a beer flavor by now by one brewery or another!

    When they put “Food” before “Bar” on the list, that tells you all you need to know. 🙂

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  3. Wondered where my old bike would turn up. Had to check how many of the 8 – a remarkable number by modern standards – I have been to. Turns out to be 4. One of the others has no real ale; 2 are hotels; and one a brewery tap. More effort required.

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