All those three post days have taken their toll. I’m up to date, with nothing to write about.

Except Mrs RM’s new campervan.

Bye bye, giant Adria.

IMG_20200214_123108 1
Excellent reversing from Newark guy

And hello, slimline campercar.

Built to Mrs RM’s exacting spec

About a third the size, so Mrs RM will have no excuse for not driving this down narrow Cornish lanes while I panic.

Draw for GBG below the switches

The benefit of this campercar is that it will fit under those low barriers that councils selfishly put in car parks and slot into normal spaces in service stations.

It’ll also slot into your drive, so if you live next door to a GBG pub I haven’t visited yet* please feel free to let us park at your house and make us bacon sandwiches in the morning.

I’m particularly looking for someone who lives next door to the Crown & Anchor on Holy Island.

Image result for manor house holy island

Mrs RM has promised me she’s cutting down on her 156 hour weeks so we can visit parts of the GBG UK we’ve missed so far, like Stranraer, from where we can take the new Boris Bridge to Ireland.

Half-hearted colouring

And of course, Claddach Kirkibost (a minor character on Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy) now calls.



Sadly, Wales and the Marches look a bit off the agenda this weekend due to the wet stuff, but the days of coughing up £30+ on a grotty B&B are hopefully over.

NB Bets are still offered on when my battered Aygo will conk out as it approaches the double century.


*preemptive ticks also considered

28 thoughts on “SO WHERE TO NEXT ?

  1. “I’m particularly looking for someone who lives next door to the Crown & Anchor on Holy Island.”

    Well…. remember my mate with the santa beard in Tynemouth Club?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not one map, not two, but three sensational maps. More please. That’s an impressively pinked national one. Did Notts do something wrong? Also I like the red deer image on the side of the campervan.


      1. The Red Deer in Sheffield was the start nearly thirty years ago of a ridiculous day out in South Yorkshire the latter half of which I remember very little.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I don’t know.
        And the next day the three of us weren’t sure how we had got from Sheffield to Conisborough.
        I slept very soundly except that a cat landed on me from quite a height in the middle of the night. Maybe I was sleeping where it usually did.

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  3. Some remote places on that map, even for the UK. Looks like an ordeal. I’ve got 2-3 days in Rye and the marshes to look forward to myself.


  4. Hard not to panic driving down narrow Cornish lanes. Never seen such skinny lanes & high hedges. Driving on the wrong side of the road is scary enough, but on those lanes you don’t have a choice.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I am about a thousand miles from the nearest GBG pub, but you are welcome to park in our driveway and I will bring bacon sandwiches out to you, and also take you to Michigan brewpubs where every other beer is an IPA that has something really adventurous added to it, like cilantro.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. So Mrs RM here, to the cheeky person who thinks I don’t work156 hrs a week, right now it’s not far off it! Very exhausted.

    Also the 18 year old and self appointed style guru says the dear deer should go. I’m not sure about it. Should it stay or should it go?


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