19th February 2020

A night in the UK’s dullest town Premier Inn.

Clacket Wood and Biggin Hill café your nearest tourist sites

I don’t know what Mrs RM did wrong in a previous life to be born in Tunbridge Wells, marry me, have a HQ in Maidenhead and get sent to Sevenoaks to work. But she soldiers on.

A mile into town and a lone GBG entry now the Spoons no longer makes the cut.

Proper Pub alert
Doors designed to foil Mrs RM entry

The Anchor is plain, unfussy and designed for boozing, though I’m fairly sure Pub Curmudgeon raved about the pub lunches (pies, ploughmans, salmon) in here a while ago.

French language alert

Six in the pub at six, three pumps.

Gadds picks itself. Technically, it’s in the same county as the Anchor.

Wot no DoomBar

“Pint, Mrs RM? “ She always sits down and leaves life’s big decisions to me.

“Of course”.

She wasn’t impressed with the Wantsum, not badly kept but with an oversweet taste. Should have asked for a sample.

The Gadds was better, so she nicked that off me. I had to have a half of the Franklin to get the sweetness of the Wantsum out of my mouth. NBSS 3 for the lot, GBG standard I guess.

Good boozer, friendly service, no swearing, varying beers on this occasion.

Debate those lacings

Mrs RM then had a £5.50 bottle of imported Thai IPA (“tastes like BrewDog” ) in the Giggling Squid, and was almost giggling herself as we admired the tiny bit of Sevenoaks central that isn’t fast cars rushing past.

A newish micropub/gin bar (mainly gin bar) had already closed shop, and we decided against the Black Boy, which will no doubt now make the next GBG.



    1. Yes, nothing special, but they dished up a very decent functional Ploughman’s for the bargain price of a fiver. And that’s a rarity nowadays. One of the properest of Proper Pubs.

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  1. I do like the idea of you referring to your wife as “Mrs RM” even when speaking to her directly. Perhaps your wedding ceremony concluded with “I now pronounce you RM and Mrs RM.” 😉

    Do any of the other brewers ever challenge Shepherd Neame on that “Britain’s Oldest Brewer” claim? Seems like these things always spark debate, with the various parties bringing different definitions to the argument.


    1. Yes, the Three Tuns at Bishops Castle in Shropshire was allegedly established in 1642 on its current site making it the oldest licensed brewery site in Britain – but I think Shepherd Neame claim it was officially opened at 4.42pm one day during Victoria’s reign.

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