16th February 2020

Closing in on Oxon now, as the Home Counties fall to my relentless winter charge.

Not quite…
There’s a lot of water in the middle…

Two to go after Oxbrew Witney, which was always going to be a challenge with its limited opening hours (perhaps generous by modern standards) and the micropub tendency to select closing hours by rolling a dice. Sunday is a safe day, particularly on music night.

Oxbrew is wide awake and the busiest place in Witney, which isn’t traditionally saying much.

Hectic High Street
Where is everyone ?

You’ll remember, I doubt, that I was last here for the Angel, an increasingly rare plain market place boozer.

I loved this 2 years ago

Things change slowly here, if at all, but they have just got vinyl in the town’s shop.


Oxbrew is tucked down a little alley behind Waitrose, rarely a good sign.


I hear it before I see it.

Why was I walking so slowly ? Trying to keep the camera still while moving is a daft idea.

Ten points if you identified the song from the clip above, only two if you need this one as well.

Yes, your favourite China Crisis song, beautifully rendered and recorded for you while I stood at the bar waiting.

You can just make out me saying “Half a Hufflepuff” to the nice barman at the end.

Not even a please from me, Old Blokes are so rude. Sorry mate, I was on autopilot.


Tiny place, seating on barrels, very decent local beer, and a rare opportunity to see David Cameron on fiddle, an unpected hobby choice post-PM but that’s life.

13 thoughts on “WITNEY BABY, ONE MORE TIME

  1. Is that a band most people would know? Obviously by my question I do not. I only saw one “international acclaim” comment on their wiki write up.


    1. Most English people my age will remember them from the 80s when they were a regular on tge “intelligent pop” circuit but no US hits. Mark may have heard of them. Their greatest hits record is pure gold.


      1. Having written “Arthur Shuttleworth” the moment has passed, I think, Martin – it was only a still pic anyway.

        But they’re a fantastic family

        Liked by 1 person

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