13th February 2020

My penultimate Cheshire GBG tick, leaving the very best ’till last (says reader Lady K Walker).


People who read this blog, rather than just looking at the pictures as advised in the instructions, will remember a visit to Northwich barely a year ago, when I did a fair job of making the place look good.

The locals were out in force to greet me on my return;

Actual Northwich folk

At least the new Guide entry isn’t a gastro/creche/bar called Chime.

Before we get to Baron’s Bar, here’s a few highlights I missed last March.

Muddy waters
The UK’s second best garage
Whatever happened to…

Worth an hour of your time wandering over the bridges and wondering whether the Gary Owen who runs the Blue Barrel is the same Gary Owen of Manchester City fame. With City’s imminent demotion to League 2 I expect to see Sergio Aguero running a fish and chip shop in Longsight next year.

(He’s not)


I’m easily entertained.

The Baron is, confusingly, not the bar in the Baron’s Quay complex which has taken over the waterfront, just as Simple Minds did in 1984.

Not showing Parasite

I entered the Baron via the smoking area at the back, the best way to gauge a pub.

Now, you may want to be seated for the next bit. It was open an hour early.

Two cheery ladies were finishing off their mochas in those oddly shaped glass cups.

A curate’s egg

The nice lady served me a half of the malty house beer, a tasty and unspectacular 2.5/3, and enthused about the coffee and cake trade from 11.

Good for them, the longer pubs are open the better for Stafford Paul.

Unappealing jam jars

A pleasant place, bar the exclusively Ed Sheeran soundtrack, which compared to the punk in the Salty Dog a few doors down.

But the Baron does have an upstairs with table football, skittles and a shot of mannequins wearing ladies underwear.

For Mark

And for some, that will be more than enough.


  1. Your knack of going to pubs I haven’t been to is what I would expect from a man of your calibre. Your relentless progress on GBG20 is a source of great admiration in the West of Scotland and, I imagine, beyond.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Just think of all the lovely out of the way additions to GBG 2021, with obscure opening times and limited public transport options, which local branches are choosing now, just to keep your lives interesting…..

        Liked by 1 person

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