12th February 2020

Only this blog could get a whole post out of a trip to the Gents, you might think. Type “loo stop” into the search facility on the left and be amazed.

My general rule is to stick to about 400 words and a dozen images per post, that being the extent of my own attention span in my dotage. Imagine the trauma of Moby Dick, let alone the last BRAPA post.

I took in some of the gorgeous Liverpool architecture on the way to Ma Bo’s,

Make a nice Brunning & Price
Make a nice micropub

But Ma Bo, home to the best Peking duck in Lancashire seems to have been shut for a while.

So I headed to Uni land, the best bit of Pool.


The Philharmonic deserves its own post. Just as it deserves its new Grade I listing, which means that local residents are legally compelled to visit it for a pint of Doom Bar twice a month. The opposite of an ACV listing, probably.

Gorgeous, despite the sign for rugby

Let’s explore.


I reckon it’s the people who make a pub, of course.

The Philharmonic may have a few more tourists than a fortnight ago, but they’re mainly waiting for fish and chips in the dining area.

The bar is as pubby as ever.


What a place to stand and wait for your pint of Orkney Dark Island to be poured, eh ?


Does anyone actually drink that house beer

Long may it reign.

Sadly, I was only able to get you a shot of my own urinal, but be assured they’re better than the ones at the Vetch and Bootham Crescent were.

One of Adam Ant’s finest

More pub toilets here.

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