Three glossy pubs safely ticked in central Brum. It was time for Perry Barr.

I decided to walk.


Now some folk have got scared walking north of glossy Brum to cosmopolitan Aston and Lozells, but I have zero self-awareness, as Mrs RM will tell you ad nauseum.  I was quite safe walking round that city in Panama; the lad on the bike had a gun.

I mean, there’s worse underpasses in Newport, yeah ?


The street art is simple, but effective.

If anyone says this is Jason Lee they can get off my blog.

Jason Lee

You can guess what happened after about 20 minutes.

Yes, I was desparate. Where’s untended scrubland when you need it.

All was schools, Caribbean takeaways, highrise and art.


Oh look, here’s a pub. Just in time.

Gloomy pic

Wouldn’t you know it, it’s the Barton Arms, heritage pub extraordinaire.


I remember standing at the bar clutching about £2 in coins.


I remember staring at the pumps and thinking

“What would Citra do ?”

Citra would have Cotra

And then I remember dashing for the ornate Gents,

What an extraordinary pub.


I must go back and have a drink. But not when Villa are playing,



20 thoughts on “AN ELEGANT LOO STOP

  1. “Some folk have got scared walking north of glossy Brum to cosmopolitan Aston and Lozells” unsure whether signs to “The Gun Quarter” are about where they were manufactured or are routinely carried.

    “The ornate Gents” are nothing compared to the cellar, the largest and loftiest I’ve ever known.

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      1. And a Yorkshireman might have exclaimed “E ba gum Mugabe” which is a good a palindrome as I can think of at this time of day.

        Liked by 1 person

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