You left me admiring the loos in the Barton’s Arms, wondering about the merits of pressing onto Perry Barr on foot.

perry barr

No, best not risk it. I’m not scared of anything except not having a loo stop within 5 minutes walk. Si knows how I feel.

“It used to seem to me that my life ran on too fast,
And I had to take it slowly just to make the good parts last”

Yes, I’m entering the place where Little Stevie Winwood went to school.

Actuall I’m more of a “Arc Of A Diver Man” myself, one of the first albums I bought as a podgy 15 year old Joy Division obsessive.

Perry Barr looks a bit different these days I guess, though the sky over the shopping centre housing my Spoons has a very 1980 Winwood feel.

Imagine it without all the shops and cars
One Stop shopping centre

I had to walk the entire One Stop centre (crazy name) to find the Arthur Robertson, which is the most 1993 Spoons you’ll ever see.

Hipsters, 1907

In the year the “o” finally falls off the sign, it makes its debut in the Guide*.

Classic design

As someone once said several times, “All human life is here”.

Most wearing caps indoors

All the beers seemed to be strong Christmas beers with daft names, awaiting BRAPA’s indulgence. I picked the strongest.

Aren’t they all ?

The beer was great (3.5+), the pub packed and struggling to cope, my relief at ticking this Brummy straggler palpable.

Not all mine

I celebrated with a mutton patty from the indoor market. You have to support the local culture when you go abroad.


*Possibly. I only go back to the mid 90s. Duncan will know THE TRUTH.


    1. Yesterday in the Great Western I had a variation of a pork bap.
      The hot pork and stuffing was actually between two very thick slices of white bread – ‘sandwiched between’ one might say.
      Ah yes, it was actually a hot pork sandwich ( so that’s where the word ‘sandwich’ comes from ).
      Wolverhampton bakeries just can’t keep up with Great Western’s demand for baps.
      Very nice it was though and for those into food and beer matching it goes very well with a pint of Holdens Old Ale.

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  1. You’re going to have to return…I was hoping for an update on the Perry Barr flyover which is soon to disappear as the area is developed for the 2022 Commonwealth Games (more info here – ) Even the One-Stop Shopping Centre may be threatened!

    We rely on you for these stories of local intrigue…I’m amazed that the denizens of the Arthur Robertson were talking about anything else!

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    1. I recently saw the flyover near the Ship and Mitre being demolished and now the same in Perry Barr.
      Might pedestrians reclaim urban streets at long last ?

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  2. Am I in a minority to be more excited about Stafford Paul’s mention of Holden’s Old Ale as opposed to the pork bap/sandwich situation? It’s a sure sign Christmas is just around the corner when the Old stuff arrives in the Western.
    As for Perry Barr, I don’t have much personal affection for the flyover but it will be a piece of history that disappears. The Arthur Robertson has always struck me as being one of the most Spoonsish of the West Midlands Wetherspoons – only one mobility scooter?? – but pleased to see the Bad Santa was worth the effort.
    I remember going in the nearby Crown & Cushion (RIP) once, now that was an experience! Cheers, Paul

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    1. Well, the Holdens Old Ale in the Great Western yesterday was the best pint I’ve had for quite some time. I would happily have stayed there quite a while if Mrs TSM wasn’t ready to drive me to Upper Gornal and Sedgley.
      And £3.90 for a 7.2% beer was not bad I thought.

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      1. Small brewery in Brownhills (home of the Swan)
        Their first pub was the Fountain in Walsall and they opened up one in Hednesford this year (Heddins Ford) which is more of a micro.
        They’ve produced several beers over the years and they’ve all been excellent.
        Best thing to happen to Walsall in years.

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