Warning : Contains urinal cakes

Warning to Pashmina Pauline : Contains Gents loos

Warning to BeerMat : Contains “Summer of ’69”

Yes, it can wait no longer.  A return visit to Krakatoa (aka Moorings), the most fun you can have in Aberdeen without falling in an oil slick in a kilt.


Standing proud facing the docks, this is Aberdeen’s legendary party pub, its Alma, its McCanns, its Purple Turtle  etc etc

Like Reading’s famed club, it’s also very purple. And bewilderingly difficult to get into after five pints.

Not the entrance

I shouldn’t really have headed there after BrewDog.  After all, we had a busy day ahead on Thursday, what with my pub ticking and Mrs RM’s “work”.  But there you go.

We entered to the thud of the “Billy Jean” bassline; enjoy it till it’s banned.

Three sections for beers; cask on those cute tall US-style fonts you get in places like the Euston Tap, keg, and Belgian beers.  An astonishing selection, most of which I had no hope of being able to make out in the dark.

A lovely pint of murk from Windswept and a half of something strong and crafty from Fierce came to just £4.  Surely a mistake ?  No.


Anyway, the Gents toilets.  At least, I hope they were the Gents. I have lived a very sheltered life in the Fens (up till the Maidenhead incident, anyway).

That’s you told

Mrs RM had found the table nearest the stage, unwisely I thought, and was waiting for me to bring her strong beer.

Authentic murk

I didn’t notice at the time, but it’s all very Twin Peaks, isn’t it ?

Image result for twin peaks dwarf dance

Jim Morrison would have loved Krakatoa.  I never “got” The Doors back in ’71 (I was six), but here it suddenly made perfect sense.

Then, a little teaser of “White Rabbit“, genuinely spooky, before slipping into “Monkey Gone To Heaven“.

Incredibly relaxed atmosphere and, just like Spoons, All Human Life Is Here.

But then the karaoke book got handed out, an eclectic collection.

I should have warned you about the Coldplay, shouldn’t I ?

Hoping no-one signs “Yellow”

Sadly, even craft keg couldn’t tempt Mrs RM into a killer rendition of Montrose’s Bad Motor Scooter, but to compensate here’s a little Bryan (not Ryan). Press Play.


Suddenly, we’d spent over an hour there, the longest I’ve sat still since my last set of Accountancy exams in 1987, and it was time to go.

But the night was not yet over.






      1. One should always obey warning notices.

        I remember watching a DJ at work, in the then Dickens Inn, Rotherham, around 1976.

        “You’re looking at his hands, aren’t you?” asked a local. He was right. The DJ was missing not one, but both index fingers. My observer went on. “There’s a machine at the steel works. It has an inspection hole, and a sign saying DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGER IN THIS HOLE. Well, he looked into it, and could see no danger, so he did.”

        “How did he lose the other?” I asked.

        “They got the safety at work people in. They asked him what he had done. So he showed them”

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  1. The Doors LA Woman is a big favourite of mine particularly after a few libations ! I approve of the toilet pictures this time – they made me laugh

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  2. Well worth waiting for – one of your best. The Doors were considered to be St Mirren fans in the Paisley area, due to a song they did called Love Street. There was even a fanzine called A Store Where the Creatures Meet, a line from the song. Surprised you didn’t mention it…..


    1. Space limitations, Duncan, that’s all.

      NB The B-side of “Get Up And Dance” was “Tree Trunk”, clearly a reference to the classic Reading FC badge design from Elm Park days. But you knew that too.


  3. Those instructions about vomiting remind me of the Dundee pavements that I shall be very carefully negotiating again 2½ weeks from now.

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  4. Crikey…… getting very racey and the night not over……this must be what its like when Retired Martin cuts loose…. the deep fried cured haggis might tip the blog over the edge….


  5. I thought I’d seen everything, but that “Guidance on Vomiting” sign shows that I’ve clearly lived a very sheltered life!

    Then again if it were my job to clean the stuff up I’m sure I’d have such a sign up the very next day.

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      1. Nah, there was at least one regular back in the 90’s who used to fill the trough with vomit in an orderly fashion, then head back to the bar for his next pint of Tennents. Bucket of hot water and bleach and most of it disappeared.


  6. “without falling in an oil slick in a kilt.”

    I’m not quite sure how an oil slick could actually wear a kilt. 😉

    “enjoy it till it’s banned.”

    Took me a second but… hah!

    “That’s you told”

    Blimey. That makes my forking comment look tame. 🙂

    And as for the photo below; it makes sense to have the vomiting bit right after the bit where people are eating the urinal cakes. 🙂

    “an eclectic collection”

    I know all of the Monty Python ones. 🙂

    “but to compensate here’s a little Bryan (not Ryan)”

    And the professionals make it look so easy. 😉

    “But the night was not yet over.”



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  7. Isn’t it agin t’ law, for a pub to sell drink, to someone who “appears to be inebriated”?

    The notices imply that it’s routinely ignored there.

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