My shortest post for years. Partly because the 5* WiFi in Hull is only 2.5*, and partly because I want Oldmeldrum to stand on its own merits.

You left our hero (Mrs RM) escaping from the Krakatoa karaoke before it got messy.

Anyone chivalrous would have ordered a taxi for the mile or so back to the Northern.


Not me.

I directed us to the Shoe Lane bus stop, gave clear instructions (flag down the 17) and wandered off to take this great photo.


Just as I turned my head, the 17 trundled past. Mrs RM was staring at her phone.

I leave you to imagine the ensuing discussion.

Mrs RM stormed off, I needed the loo so I headed off towards 6 degrees north, a craft bar that was in the Beer Guide till it decided that cask was more trouble than it was worth and probably just attracted folk wanting a pint for £3.

Having inspected the loos (not as good as Krakatoa) I unwisely succumbed to the IPA. Excellent it was, albeit the embodiment of evil etc etc. Snazzier than Brew Dog as well.


No idea how I got back.  Or how Mrs RM beat me. I think I’m forgiven for whatever I did wrong.

NB One of you bemoaned the lack of fast food in these posts. I can almost assure you the chips in the rain at the bus stop the next morning weren’t ours.  Almost.


6 thoughts on “BUST-UP AT THE BUS STOP

  1. “Not me.”

    You know she’s on an expense account, right? 😉

    “I leave you to imagine the ensuing discussion.”

    Bloody easy that one! (married over 34 years here) 🙂

    “I unwisely succumbed to the IPA. ”

    Oof. I haven’t had many days like that lately but you are striking a chord for sure.

    “Or how Mrs RM beat me.”

    Oh that’s easy! You having yet another pint (!) and all Mrs RM had to do was walk.
    (heck, if you’d started together she would most likely have beaten you* as you would most likely be prone to zig-zagging as it were)


    * – talking about being the first to the hotel, not taking a rolling pin to your head. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I’m quite lucky.
        With not drinking alcohol my ‘missus’ remembers everything but she’s a good woman who appreciates the moderation of my imbibing.


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