30th January 2020

Typical ingratitude. Last January I award Wolverhampton my City of the Year and their team does the double over City, surely putting an end to our title chances.

Great stadium

A proper football club, bang in the heart of the city, and a proper pub town as we’ve seen many times over the last three years. I believe Stafford Paul has the Great Western App on his phone so they have his pint of Golden Glow ready for him.Paul will be horrified I failed to do the Western, or any Banks’s boozer, on this trip.I’d have enjoyed his and Curry Charles’ company on this exceptionally featureless slog between my hotel and two (count ’em) micropubs and back to town.


Yep, seven miles round the western extremities of Wolves; and some people thing I’ve got an easy life. I know you’d have got a taxi.The Starting Gate is only ten minutes from my guest house, an easy start.

Why is it so dark ?

It’s really just a local bar, filling quite a cask gap in this part of Penn.Nice welcome, nice beer range, Westlife on the stereo. 2 out of 3 etc.

Beer you’ve heard of, never catch on etc
Look what I nearly could have had

The micros round here seem a bit more spacious than the pokey bijou ones in Kent, which give them more character and you can take your half pint on a guided tour of staircases, racecourse memorabilia and board games kept in a locked cabinet.

Stairway to nowhere
How organised

Hard to fault, and a nice sherberty Newbridge Fox (NBSS 3), but when the only locals are standing at the bar and you’re sitting it’s hard to join in the banter, unless someone says “Say, anyone know a good pub in Halifax“. They didn’t.

Rubbish photo of good lacings

My straight line up alongside the A4150/A449 finds Wolves quiet on Friday night at the end of the January.

Old Wolves intact

Thirty years ago the local football ground was the scruffy poor relation of most cities, but now Molineux and the Etihad and Sixfields tower majestically over town centres.

The A449 fails to shine on the two mile slog to Oxley, Hanson’s advert apart.

Much missed by Paul

At least I didn’t stumble into the red light district just east of the Great Western this time.All the comfort I need is at this worryingly-named micro in the row of shops marking Oxley as a distinct Wolves suburb.


Well, this was fantastic. Cheery ladies at the bar, cheery regulars, the dogs were probably cheery too, I didn’t check.The only obvious pub for miles, Hungry Horse apart, so you get the full community works including the “Balance The Brexit 50p On A Lemon” challenge.

Note cobs

Not excessively beery, either, but a Three Tuns and 3d Coffee Milk Stout that seemed popular.

Nice head on the NBSS 3.5 beer

A group had assembled to watch Nigel Farage wave goodbye to the EU on the telly, but mostly it was locals walking to their dog to the pub and back.


Must have been thirty in when I left, all in their 50s I noted before realising, oh.A great community pub, only needing a metro extension from St Georges and a firm commitment that the casual acoustic night includes Dire Straits covers.wp-15808177289432588158854928335099.jpg


  1. “Paul will be horrified I failed to do the Western, or any Banks’s boozer, on this trip”, yes, and that the 132nd Annual General Meeting of Marston’s PLC was held at Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, Molineux Stadium, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton, WV1 4QR at 11:00am on Friday 24 January 2020 and you were six days too late. .

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    1. Yes, it was probably marginally more interesting than the last CAMRA AGM and conference (though in fairness it was a well managed AGM)!

      If there’s beer in that Banks’s Tap it’s worth buying a share.


      1. It’s just a couple of hours rather than a couple of days and there’s a small amount of beer given to shareholders that attend.

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  2. Well done on your expert navigation of Wulfrunian suburbs there Martin, commendable commitment to the cause so I’m glad the micropubs were worth the effort. I visit the Starting Gate more often than the Keg & Comfort but rate both very highly; both are former bank branches which can add an extra heavy-duty nature to some of the security doors and panic buttons! I’m hoping that your naming of Wolverhampton as City of the Year means we’ll beat Man City every match for perpetuity but I suspect normal service will be resumed next season. Cheers, Paul

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