24th January 2020

A last half on the West Yorkshire trip saw us back in one of those “classic, or is it ?” places.

Rather like the Beehive or Fanny’s, you’re never quite sure if it’s what it was in its ’90s heyday.

3 Pigeons

I’d been in the Three Pigeons a fair few times over the years, mainly before games at the Shay, when Ossett Silver King was just about my favourite beer.

But it’s dropped in and out of the Guide just as Ossett moves in and out of fashion (and in and out of pizza vending).

But, what a pub.

Duncan rushing to beat last orders
Note bench seating in the lobby
Your actual 3 pigeons on the ceiling

Back in the Guide this year, because/despite of loads of beers.

One is plenty

We found a table at the back with our lovely halves of Silver King and found a group of mates to annoy with questions about Webster’s Green Label, the Shaymen and what real Halifaxmen thought of the craft wave sweeping through town.

An hour or more passed, we squeezed in a last half of the Half Moon Dark, also marvellous (NBSS 3.5+).


Then Duncan had to spoil it by ordering a Sol, didn’t he ?


Approaching midnight, there were groups of oldies dragging out their Friday night, while young lads and lasses sprawled on outside tables, doing whatever young people do these days (don’t tell me).


I slept soundly.

10 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – THREE PIGEONS, HALIFAX

  1. Halifax has its points of remark.

    I was once enjoying a pint of TT Golden Best in the Standard Of Freedom with my paper. After a quiet hour or so, an apparent regular, who hadn’t seen me before, enquired as to where I lived – evidently assuming that all of its customers must be town residents from some part of other.

    So I told him.

    “Big Six for you, then” he proclaimed.

    Yes, I did probably live about a hundred metres closer to it.

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  2. A terrible example of fake news. Did you plant that SOL bottle? My over-worked lawyers have once again been instructed to act. It was a good way to finish the evening. Dimly recall me peppering those lads with memories of Webster’s and asking their opinion, until eventually you said to me “they’re too young Duncan!”

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