8th January 2020

The month really kicks off now, with what seemed like a week in north Kent. You’ll feel like you live in Ramsgate by the time I catch up, and that’s no bad thing.

Ramsgate Spoons

If Lincolnshire is a tough county to crack logistically, in Kent it’s the threat of more indistinguishable micros that sends chills to the heart. Will I be able to tell apart “Hop Huddle” from “Anguished Ale” a week on?

“The Sozzled Seagull”

Ramsgate seafront lifts any sozzled soul.

Unusual spelling
You can see Deal !

I thought I’d found an unlisted micro down by the harbour, but it’s clearly not pokey enough.

Sommeone will take iton

It’s not in the GBG 30 months after opening, but the Royal Victoria Pavilion was an essential visit because;

a) It’s the biggest Wetherspoons in the world.

b) I have 50p Spoons vouchers to use

c) You expect that sort of research from me

d) It’s open at 10am.

Statue shows BRAPA marking his GBG on the roof

I seem to be the only person not to have been here yet, and Mrs RM is amazed at the omission, but I haven’t been to Ramsgate since the spring of 2017.

Back then Mrs RM and I gawped at the exterior, and wondered at the joy of drinking a pint on the beach.

From the top
From the bottom

Purists will prefer the cinema conversion in Stafford or the old church in Exeter, but it looks a marvel to me.

It also looked fairly quiet, existing entirely on coffee and cooked breakfasts. Only one member of staff behind the bar, too.

Nowt local

But as I took my pint of Porter for an exploratory wander it dawned on me how many folk were dotted about the two floors and outside areas, a good fifty on them on the second Wednesday in January, and 99% of pubs in the country would love that trade.

One thing, it’s a bit above average prices for beer and food (no breakfast deals here)

I enjoyed the view even more than a robust pint of Sambrook’s Porter (NBSS 3+) which Spoons seem to have taken a shine to.

So close you can touch it

They’ve even added giant pot plants for fussy tickers.

Pint added for comparison only

The question is “How has Spoons affected those treasured micros trad pubs ?”. We’ll find out later.

I waved goodbye to the sea.


And reminded myself what a joy Ramsgate High Street is.

Shabby chic

A busker outside Café Nero sang Ed Sheeran. I didn’t mind.

I thought I’d found the ultimate micropub opening times,


but it was actually a gift shop.

Next stop, Broadstairs, like in the Half Man Half Biscuit song. Micro pub, massive cliffs.


  1. “b) I have 50p Spoons vouchers to use” – having used one in Birmingham’s woodman a couple of days ago I now have nine to use or give away.


      1. “could donate them to charity” is going back about three years and I don’t know of any charity shop in Stafford that would now accept them.
        By “or give away” I meant or give away or post to our old friend in Partridge Green.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I always think Ramsgate,& it’s inhabitants & shops are similar to Maidstone but pubs /micros are better ( still only 1 micro here ) I could live there if I had to !

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Was in there a couple of years ago. More like a convention centre than a pub, but a lovely building and thumbs up to Tim Martin for bringing this glorious building back from dereliction.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What’s the longest it’s ever taken to get served in a Spoons, I wonder? If you started timing from the the moment you left your seat in that upstairs bit and stopped the clock when you got back, and there was one member of staff on…could be a good 10 minutes.


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