6th January 2020

Day 3 of the East Coast Challenge, as I complete Lincolnshire GBG20 with a night in Grantham.

Always a hard place to come and get a result, even when you’re starting in the Fens rather than Paisley, Lincs also has the worst beer of any GBG county outside Fife, and that’s a fact.

No problems with my last two ticks, starting at a rare Bass offering in the Joiners at Welbourn on the RAF route near Sleaford.

Welcoming sight in the dark skies round here.

Blazing fire and Bass, I’m salivating (it’s curable).

But no, it’s a choice of Rosey Nosey, Doom Bar or Wherry, as Welbourn fails to jump on the Bass bandwagon.

I think about discussing the lack of Bass with the Old Boys at the bar, but they’re in deep conversations about “er indoors” and “divorces”. Si will be in raptures.

It’s a long thin pub, very homely, fresh flowers on immaculate tables.

The Batemans is immaculate too (3.5), as is the art in the Gents.

It’s just not a Bass pub anymore 😢


  1. “on the RAF route near Sleaford” and Sleaford is of course most famous for the, now sadly disused, Bass maltings.
    And that reminds me that today heading from three Bathams pubs to two Birmingham heritage pubs and the Great Western I passed Banks’s, now sadly disused Langley maltings. ( that’s all because the NHS buggered up my planned trip to Stockport )

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      1. No, it’s no great inconvenience really but the replacement appointment might not be for some time and after the Old Tom’s gone.
        Holdens Old Ale is already finished and it’ll be a long wait until mid November when it returns – but yesterday the Great Western did have 7.2% Big Job and 8% Snowflake on, although, always one for moderation, I just had two pints of Holdens Mild.
        Oh, and I think you would have liked the Hobsons Plum Porter in the Woodman. Sadly I was nearly a fortnight too late for the Eagle and Tun.


  2. I’ve always found that Lincolnshire on average tends to have rather small and scruffy pubs, compared with many other areas, especially on the eastern side, possibly because historically it has been a relatively poor area.

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