6th January 2020

And so to my night in Grantham, my first since Beerheadz to finish the GBG for Lincs.

An underrated town, despite being home to the guy who invented gravity or someting.

A quiet Monday in Dryanuary is a good time to explore its charms.

St Wulfruns
Detail of BRAPA and a hen

I have no idea what the 1855 is but it may be a calling card from the Sleaford Town FC ultras.


OK, it’s no Stamford, or even Newark, but there’s some nice timber being used for proper reasons.

Hop Sing not a karaoke micropub

The new GBG entry is across the road from one of the most famous pubs in Britain.

UK’s smallest micro

To gain access to the Beehive you have to smear yourself in honey and climb the tree.

I must have walked past The Castlegate a dozen times over the years and thought “locals Fosters pub; if I ever stay in Grantham again that’d be a fun place to end the night“.

In or out ?

“Y’allright mate” says the bloke taking a fag break from the 50p.

“‘I am well, Sir, I come to imbibe your cask conditioned ale I reply.

Never in a million years would I expect this to be in the Guide, and in Cambridge or York it never would be.

But some CAMRA branches will insist on putting pubs in the Good Beer Guide because they sell Good Beer, won’t they ?


Or perhaps the chocolate display is the key here.


No, it’s the beer. Just the one. Hoorah !

Lemmy was pointing at it, too. He’d never have asked for a taster.


A cool, foamy Milestone was NBSS 3/3.5. No, definitely a 3.5. Proper scratchings too.

Half a dozen lads in their twenties and thirties play pool and enjoy The Stones at a lively volume. It’s everything a micropub isn’t.


The Landlady, a gem, has to stand on a chair to reach the special crisps near Alice Cooper.

That’s all you need to know, really.


  1. Some decent pubs in Grantham but they’re a bit spread out for such a titchy town. The Beehive is still very proper and usually has some decent homebrew from Newby Wyke. I think the bees have headed to the town ciderhouse tough, plenty of syrup to gorge on and try and fit in with the local Wasps…
    I assume you’ve pre-empted the new bar at the station for me…

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  2. “home to the guy who invented gravity or something” – ah, yes, a greengrocer””s son if I remember correctly.

    But what happened at 8.55pm ? That’s what I want to know. .

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  3. What is the world without Lemmy?

    It’s a point of note, that when he sadly passed away, MP David Lammy’s family were swamped with messages of condolence from Brummies…

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  4. Mark, this is one of your comments that got spammed for crimes against music.

    Thanks for info on Beehive, one of 14 pubs I’ve done there over the year. You know, that little bar just didn’t appeal compared to the Spoons 😉


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