4th January 2020

Cleethorpes. OK, you’re worryingly close to Tom Irvin, the mastermind behind “BRAPA”, but what a town.

The rich mans’ Grimsby‘ say some.

Where? ” say others.

An astonishing town, say I. And I’m always right.

Two station bars, a classic Sam Smiths, a Bass stronghold, and the Nottingham House, which speaks for itself.

And now craft. What is Stafford Paul waiting for?

Message In A Bottle is so hip it hurts, as Huey Lewis once sang.

A bottle shop, with an outdoor drinking area only open when you Southerners (below Stoke) are asleep at weekends.

Limited opening hours, craft beer, one handpump. Be still my beating heart.

Hurrah for Kirkstall, a lovely drop (NBSS 3.5).

And hurrah for Message In A Bottle, the quirkiest little place to drink in town.

I took home for James the Swizzels drunstick, and a couple of cans from Grimsby Docks brewery for Mrs RM that cost the same as four pints in the Crow’s Nest.

What a great selection of mens toiletries too.

No, these bottle shops in the Guide aren’t my favourites, but the staff are fantastic and it keeps the youngsters out of the Sam Smiths pubs so win-win.

Later that night I found myself in one of Grimsby’s top beer houses, spoilt for choice.

If in doubt, go for the Lincolnshire Blood Bikes Service (NBSS 3.5).

5 thoughts on “MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE

  1. The only trouble with Cleethorpes is it is next to Grimsby. Just back from the Number One, classic pub. You should have warned me you were in the area, crossovers at Spalding and Lincoln could have waited for another day. Unless I die before another day comes, in which case good move.

    As a bottle shop I do like MIAB. Great bloke running it, as you say. I just don’t see the point in the on sales.

    As a matter of interest, why did you choose the Jug & Bottle for a revisit?


  2. “What is Stafford Paul waiting for?” – a good question.
    I didn’t get anywhere East last year so maybe I’ll do a “Cleethorpes and Cambridge – compare and contrast” trip when the days get a bit longer.
    I’ve got a rare trip to the Proper North-East next Autumn, staying in Berwick and possibly Newcastle ( the one with a railway station ) too for visiting Scunthorpe which is probably the largest English town I don’t know.
    Other than that, and Stockport whenever the NHS tells me, I’ve not really got much planned yet.


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