At the risk of alienating my German reader, I should say I’m no animal lover.  Like smokers though, I quite like to see them in pubs.

Thanet’s pubs are among my favourites because they are closest to my own “Moon Under Water“, which is a bit more urban than Simon Everitt’s otherwise exemplary Green Owl. I like a pub that can attract a wide range of custom, is open most of the time, and lacks pretension in the beer range.

The Brown Jug is pretty perfect, even with a beer range starring Greene King’s Olde Trip, but unfortunately doesn’t open till 5, even for me. I do recommend a visit.

My new Ramsgate Guide pub is the Rose of England, a pub with the same values as the Jug but more generous hours. I must have felt a little wary about an external shot, but this picture captures the South-East London feel of the place, right down to the food van (ice cream rather than seafood though).

Having shown you the resident Yard of Ale dog earlier, I now bring you my pub cat of the week (not a regular feature).  Not very chatty, so I’ll name her Sally for the purpose of this blog. Sally was daring me to take my pint of Gadds Stout (NBSS 3) back to the bar.  It had a slight sourness that I got used to, and the alternative was Bombardier.

Rather more chatty than Sally was a visitor from the great pub town of Deal, who engaged me in a half hour of interesting discussion about the dodgy pubs of Lewisham and Deal.  As you can probably tell, I don’t really understand the concept of “dodgy” and never watched The Sweeney.

I told him about my excellent experiences around Deptford last month, and got a barrage of drug and violence related anecdotes. Goodness know what he’d make of Leigh. A top geezer, and I shall watch my back in Deal in future.

Pub Curmudgeon wrote about being engaged in unsolicited conversation recently, and this was pretty close to a Fast Show mash-up, with me of course playing the role of Brilliant Kid. I’m sure it was all quite innocent, but I never trust a man drinking coke in a pub, especially in halves.

Geezer not pictured

I can’t say I enjoy vaguely disquieting chats with strangers every day, but I’d rather go in a pub where that’s still a possibility.

Ramsgate has a good couple of dozen pubs like the Rose, as well its micros and an emerging craft scene. The Café Nero seems to have the chain coffee market entirely to itself though, something that will surely change quickly. There must be money around with views like this from my cheap B&B at the Royal Yacht Club :-

Ramsgate Harbour


  1. Stonch has also noted the lack of good coffee in Thanet. You two may be on to a business idea here. Me, I get my fill at home in the morning in our holiday flat, so have no need to seek it out later.

    Do I read you correctly, in that you would like to see smokers, like animals, in pubs? Though she has a splendid little ancient mini Jack Russel, the Brown Jug’s landlady made it quite clear she’s happy with the ban, having suffered under smokers for so long previously. One section of the ceiling remains unpainted since 2007 — for illustrative purposes, I suppose.

    And I regret having only made it in there once in 13 nights on this trip, despite staying only a mile or so away.


    1. Lack of coffee struck me when I was looking for Starbuck/Costa/even McDonalds in the morning; only Café Nero (which I like) in the centre since rest moved to retail park near St Peters. Lack of a Spoons also weird.

      Definite business opportunities. If you visit Whitstable next time take a look at 12 Taps; coffee till 4pm, beer afterwards.

      On smoking, it’s separate smoking rooms I’d like back really, which is still practicable in many pubs. I never really suffered from smoke in the way many complained about, apart from a few Northern places that were just a fug. Should be landlord’s choice though.


      1. Didn’t mean to (re)start a debate on the ban, just wondering if I read you a’right. I’ve experienced separate rooms working in Germany and the Netherlands, but also not working in Germany.

        I’ve more or less decided that working in the beer business would ruin beer for me. Look what it’s done to young Jeff–driven him off to Italy and wine! But a day job in a coffee shop…

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  2. Sorry, not too impressed with the Rose of England tonight. Nice pub, but had a pint of Gadd’s something that was vinegar. Changed happily enough, and I got the change back, but the Bombardier only just scraped an NBSS 2. Spotted Sally the cat – who is massive – but not interested in strokes.

    And the Great Tree – just no.


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