Happy Birthday to me! I get to do 10 minute posts in Starbucks near St Asaphs.

Back to the Grand Tour of the North.

You can just about see South Shields in the top right hand corner of the map I used last time, so it’ll do again.


A quick search of my own blog reveals I was last in Shields during the Beast from the East that threatened to wipe out the whole of humanity but sadly didn’t.

Shields was cold and drizzly rather than icy cold and white on Wednesday night, and the council have kindly spent the social care budget lighting up the town hall so it looks better in my blog.


It’s a grand old town, faded at the edges but with plenty for the lover of curry, cask and Christmas.

I resisted the Bass in the Stags Head


The Lion sleeps tonight

Tragically, the Spoons is closed for refurbishment over Christmas (why?).


So I used the loos in the magnificent Museum and Art Gallery.

Can you identify all 3 items
Iconic Mr Gay World trophy
Mrs RM’s childhood

A truly great record of Shields life, enough to take me through to opening time at Cask Lounge, whose neighbouring vinyl cafe was just shutting to deny me the chance of a Dana LP. My mum likes Dana.

Usual micro shopfront exterior, wonderfully cosy interior.

Ooh Citra

I’m a sucker for Christmas beers aren’t I.

Jam jars

This was silky and sherberty, a 3.5 to savour.

And who could fail to love this living room styled seating.

Well, BRAPA for one. Sometimes he’s wrong.

29 thoughts on “SUPER SOUTH SHIELDS

  1. Looks like the Beast from the East accounted for a fair amount of the local population, not many people in evidence.Speaking of the whole of humanity , where are the all the Spoons locals now its shut?

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  2. Birthday greetings, Martin. I’m sure you’ll have a good one.

    Will come back to the post, once I’ve dropped the neighbours’ cards round to them – Mrs PBT’s said I had to do it, or I won’t get my roast lamb dinner tonight!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Not really. We both know she doesn’t mean it, but writing out Christmas cards for people we don’t see from one month to the next, strikes me as a serious waste of time!

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  3. Does seem odd for a pub of any kind to schedule their refurbishment for Christmas– they’re missing out on the single most important time of the year for trade, no? But when the need for refurbishment is really dire I suppose it doesn’t matter!


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