You’ve joined me on my near week long pre-Christmas crawl round The North (and Wales), getting pubs done before they shut for the whole of January to combat Dry****** or because snow makes them inaccessible.

I start on the edge of Sunderland with a confession.


Ryhope has a world-renowned Engines Museum that I know you’d have loved to read about and admire the Victorian beam engines.

Source : Ryhope Engines Museum

Tough. It wasn’t open, I was in a hurry and I can’t stand history anyway.

History abounds in the Guide Post, an ultra-rare south Sun’land tick.


Proper Pub
Absolutely no writing on the wall
The Mackems’ friend

Hate history, love faded signs.

I was convinced this one said “Afterwork Pork“, but meat raffles are banned on Wednesdays anyway.

All happening here, just like in micropubs

So how does the Guide Post get in the GBG ?


Yes, actually serving real ale helps. I applaud the selection; the well-known one and the Christmas one. The Double Maxim is a bit chilled but foamy and rich, NBSS 3+.

Great head

Its’s early afternoon, the pub is ticking over with topers and toddlers, and no-one takes much notice or asks if I’m a CAMRA. With children, TV, music and fun, it’s the very antithesis of a micropub.

Fittingly, “House of Fun” plays, an Old Boy whistles along to it and I can almost head Suggs nod in appreciation except there’s not much space in that 1982 classic to pause and nod.

Welcome to the House of Fun

Five points for identifying the TV programme; it’s not Pointless. Not that I’ve ever seen Pointless. Unlike Si, I don’t watch TV.

I get my perk in pubs.


Enough alliteration, though the next stop is South Shields, so…


  1. An Engines Museum for Victorian beam engines not.Victorian beer engines ?
    Museums are becoming very popular. I’ve heard there’s going to be one in Wolverhampton.

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  2. Ah, the north. I’d say a lot of the “pubs” in the south in the guide don’t even look like pubs. Cafes, restaurants, bars – fine, but I suppose that is why it is called the Good Beer Guide and not the good pub guide. Based on my humble experience, the proportion of proper pubs in the North (wherever that is) is much higher. I’ve never been to Sunderland, but that pub looks lovely.

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  3. Surely a sausage roll qualifies as “after work pork.”

    Funny that ‘House of Fun’ was Madness’s biggest hit in the UK (I gather) but wasn’t even released as a single in the States. As a consequence even those of us who were avid fans of English pop music in those days didn’t even hear it. ‘Our House’ became the massive hit in America, and I recall hearing ‘On the Wings of a Dove’ a fair bit. Me, I’ve always been a fan of ‘Driving in My Car.’ πŸ™‚

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  4. Martin,
    I’m not sure if you’re still on your “near week long pre-Christmas crawl round The North (and Wales)” but hope that on this your birthday you find the best of good beer, even if it’s not the Wadworths 6X in the Anchor at High Offley. ,

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    1. Thank you, Paul.

      I’m in St Asaph, and shortly heading to the Wirral for an Β£18.94 room from which I can visit Chester, New Brighton and Liverpool, finishing with Draught Bass in the magazine.

      But I’ll be with you in spirit at the Anchor.


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