Enough of the recent present, here’s the recent past.

It’s Stoke !


The Beer and Pubs Forum have been at their AGM in Maidenhead debating future Proper Days Out.

Newcastle-under-Lyme has everything to commend it apart from a train station, something we can’t blame entirely on former resident M, Lawrenson.

I suggested walking from Stoke station,


which would allow our merry band to have a comfort break in the UK’s second most ornate toilets in its worst hotel.

Remember to buy something if you use the loos

At the station, I suddenly remembered I needed to tick bod.

Looks almost European

This is Titanic’s attempt to make Stoke trendy for the first time since Alan Bloor’s 1977 haircut sent shockwaves through Longton.

Can you do this one, Matt ?

The main feature of bod Stoke is a barrier that separates cask customers from craft customers.


I sat down with my half of Plum, wondered at the madness of folk sitting outside in December, and got out my GBG and pink marker.


Where is it, though? It’s not there*, either because it’s too new or possibly because the beer was a little thin, if it’s not heretical to say that about Plum Porter.

I headed for N-u-L (silent “u”), but got distracted by the German craft bar just off the A52.

Closed, obvs
Do not stop at the Glebe, it’s along way till Jolly Potters

Two real new GBG pubs along Hartshill Road, except of course Sanctuary was closed because people don’t go to pubs at lunchtime. Because they’re not open.

I walked right past Cask Bar, hiding its wares very coyly.

Hiding in Andrew’s Place, which sounds dodgy.
Thank you for being open

Only one other customer, and the owners were sitting on a table discussing allergies, so it was that awkward situation of “Who do I ask for a pint“.

Light bulb moment

I’d said “‘owdo” to one bloke who ignored me as he was the customer.

Not real barrels

It’s all about the Bass gin,though that’s a top beer selection and the BG Sips was better than good (NBSS 3+). Perhaps Si can discuss nut allergies with them when he gets there, bound to be better conversation than I managed.


Yes, I was feeling a bit grumpy. One pub done I didn’t need to, one shut, one adequate, and the Hop Inn not open. Things can only get better (they can’t).

*This is karma for recommending Rugby pubs that aren’t in the GBG to BRAPA.

And if you want to see how it’s really done, read LifeAfterFootball’s proper trail.


14 thoughts on “A STOKE STUMBLE

  1. The thing I always wonder about the Cask Bar (apart from having the world’s entire supply of Cooper Black) is how many conservatories had to die to fit it out.

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