Lancashire pub life, eh ?  Ain’t it grand.

Irish Sea Dave is the expert on the basic pubs of Morecambe Bay, and has almost certainly beat me to the Crossing at the, er, crossing at Hest Bank, one of three (3) pubs in a row on my Morecambe meander.

bare lane

A pleasant stroll along the coast from Morecambe’s Bare Lane, which will feature again later, reminds me I made Mrs RM and family walk the entire way from the Eric Morecambe statue beyond Hest Bank to a pub at Bolton-le-Sands, back in the days (2017) when they took any notice of me.

hest bank
Dangerous looking footpath
Not sure that’s the footppath

Hest Bank is lumped in with Slyne on Wiki; you can still feel the simmering resentment as you enter the village.

Simmering resentment

There is a canal but I’m fairly sure Peter Allen hasn’t got quite this far north.

4 future micropubs in a row

Notable former residents include Thora Hird and Tyson Fury says Wiki, which is silent on the possibility of a lovechild.

From the bridge over the actual crossing you can probably see all sorts of celebrities’ houses on Barrow.


I’m getting used to micropubs that dare not call themselves micropubs.  No qualms here.

That’s clear then

Outside the pub I see something I haven’t seen for a decade.

Remember when they were bigger than Billie Eilish

Yes, Copper Dragon are back.  Rather made up my mind for me at the bar, too.

Copper Dragon far left

But first I dumped my coat at the seat nearest the fire. It was worth the walk from Bare, or possibly even Barnstaple for the smell from that fire.


This being a Proper micropub, one of the locals had to nip behind the bar to pour my decent half of Moon Drifter as the gaffer was out milking oysters or whatever, and a splendid job he did.

Never heard of any of those beers, disgracefully

A charmingly homey place with half a dozen regulars entertaining a chatty greyhound, but not the one that Duncan has just reported as being banned.

A chap wandered in with a kebab, which seemed a bit cruel on those of us suddenly famished, let along our canine friend.

Kebab owner at rear

In fact most of the banter surrounded trencherman’s feasts at local restaurants.

“I don’t think I’ve had three courses in thirty years, but I had the sticky toffee pudding”


You’ll have to imagine how much joy the smell of that smoke gave me, and how wonderful the pronunciation of “sticky toffee pudding“.

Top reading for Tom

19 thoughts on “HEST IS BEST

  1. I did chuckle at this one: “back in the days (2017) when they took any notice of me” –I look back on the days when I could simply tell my kids to get in the car (so that we could go out and do something fun together as a family) and I have shake my head in disbelief that such a thing was actually possible.

    I like the looks of this pub: lots of character but nothing that smacks of “trying too hard.”


  2. That “Dangerous looking footpath” isn’t as direct as the one I took across Morecambe Bay many years ago.
    A proper dog and proper fire might not be expected in a micropub, but this one’s a long way from their Kentish origins.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re right in that I’ve never boated along that stretch of cut, but I have strolled along the towpath as a warm up for lunch in the Hest Bank pub. Next time I’m up that way I’ll have to seek out The Crossing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Give it 6 months and copper Dragon will have gone into admin yet again and renamed themselves before rebranding back to Copper Dragon in another 6 months.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mark,
      I’ve seen that ginger minge beer from Stockport recently but I can’t remember in which one.
      Many years ago there was a Ginger Minge beer though I can’t remember from which brewery but, to avoid offence, I don’t think the pumpclip was illustrated..


      1. So do we think that Ginger Tinge is playing with our sensitivities, or am I making a spurious association?


      2. I have a look yes! It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I do it very quickly with a sideways glance whilst pretending to find the right change for a pint (then pay by card obviously, like what everyone does now). In common with all serious pubgoers, I’m looking for something I recognise, not something new…

        I’m certainly not looking for something to get offended by. It’s just that you thrust that Ginger Mi.. err, Tinge in my face.

        Liked by 1 person

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