I’ve been living a charmed life of late, dodging the floods in Yorkshire, BRAPA in Cumbria, and now a Norovirus outbreak in a Lancaster Spoons.

I won’t make light of Norovirus (not to be confused with Nostradamus) and tell you that missing BRAPA by a day was the luckier escape.


The Richard Owen seemed a typical cheery Spoons when I popped in on Monday and enjoyed a half of Hawkshead Gold for 80p, obviously taking advantage of some Monday is Norovirus Free Day discount or other.

Cheaper ! Cheaper !
Last free table 1 foot outside the offending kitchen

Actually, I’m 99% certain I’d already been to that Spoons, as we stayed at the adjoining Travelodge a while ago.  But better safe than sorry.

I’d never been to the Owl’s Nest, which has joined the Little Bare in the Guide to provide a  mini circuit highlighting the joyous contrasts in the GBG.

View from the lingerie shop, especially for Si
Lodge style GBG

Rustic, converted wine lodge style. Works for me.

Proper seating for Old Mudgie
Nice pic

If the Little Bare served you Owl infused DIPA sours this is the place to come for owl fanciers and solid beers.

Local beers

Three friendly Old Boys moaning about mother-in-laws (not mine), 8 pints last night, draconian punishments (for station urination) and opining that “Christmas is for the kids these days“.

Look closely at the top photo and spot the Iron Maiden “Killers” t-shirt.

Foamy Bluebird a solid 3

The bants turned to “draconian punishment” just as Pink started “What About Us”, thankfully at lower volumes than in Shifnal.

Outside I succumbed to the call of the bakers, as much because of the font,

“steamy windows” straight outta Tina Turner hots

as for the retro cakes.

No idea what Coffee Japs are and not asking

My chicken and mushroom creamy slice was a solid NC&MCSS 3,with the emphasis on “solid”.




  1. I love it when the bakers label the goods. I don’t always know what the English stuff is when I buy. Not that I am averse to taking a chance on most of it.

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  2. What do you think of Coniston Bluebird Bitter? I was able to get a bottle of it over here something like 10 or 15 years ago, and have sadly never seen it since. It’s funny which brands make their way over here, if only for a limited time.

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    1. Well it’s 15 years or more since I drank it, Mark, and that was in Coniston where it’s brewed.

      If I’ve seen it twice on my travels since that’s it.

      Gorgeous, award winning pint that seemed to appear more in bottle in smart supermarkets than in free houses.

      Simon had a “glorious pint of Bluebird” in Kendal (20/10/19 post) recently and he says he’d forgot it existed!

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      1. Thanks for this added perspective. I must count myself luckier than I realized at the time, that a local supermarket had got it in just a few miles from my house. Who knows the efforts behind the scenes that result in a beer that is relatively rare in its own home country being briefly made available in a small town supermarket in Michigan!

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    2. Mark,
      I think Coniston Bluebird Bitter got into bottles all over the place after becoming well known with the proper cask version winning Supreme Champion Beer of Britain in 1998

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