My second pub in Perth was one I’d already visited before, 20 years ago, but I felt sorry for it.

When I marked up my new GBG in September (cross-checking) I missed the Old Ship Inn, having only added the words “Ship” on my spreadsheet back in 1999 (SuperCalc days).

An intern would have spotted it, but Ian the Intern* is currently working for BRAPA identifying wee stops in Workington or something.


This omission was particularly sloppy as I only walked past the Old Ship in April and mentioned it was my only tick.

I’d noticed my mistake in the Spoons, but thought I’d go back anyway, otherwise I’d end up back in the BrewDog and we all know how that ends.


As always, the best approach is from the rear.

Proper signage
Perhaps the best approach to a Belhaven pub in Perth
Oooh, it’s me

At risk of Dave starting off from Minneapolis right now, here’s the interior.


But never mind the seating, it’s all about the people, and at lunchtime there was a Proper Pub mix of newspaper readers, Professional Drinkers and Ladies Who Lunch (on wine).

Posh bag that

If a pub is back in the Beer Guide after an absence it generally means one of three things;

  • CAMRA Discount introduced.
  • GBG rotation in place.
  • They have a beer from a craft brewer called something like Ghangly Ghoul.
Ghangly Ghoul from small microbrewer in West Suffolk

How are ya ?” says the lovely Landlady. “Thirsty I bet“. Little things make a pub.

It was Jarl, of course, a cool, foamy gem of a beer. Yet another Scottish NBSS 3.5.

As good as it looks

Yes, it has TV screens. Yes, it’s Greene King. But it was as good a lunchtime stop as you’d hope for, and pushes Perth firmly into the Top 5 of Scottish drinking cities.

And Perth has proper vennels.


*I made this up.

13 thoughts on “PERTH PERFECTION

  1. You have sold me on Perth which has never seemed that impressive from my previous reading. The photos are really nice. Any thoughts on why this area seems to have better quality ale than the other parts of Scotland you recently visited? Higher population density? Larger towns\cities on the route?


    1. I believe that when Stafford Paul was up there for the CAMRA AGM in April he stood on street corners warning against the dangers of Tennents and craft keg, and offering free samples of real ale.

      I can only think that hard campaigning has paid off.


      1. Sat Nav ?
        I think Mrs TSM has got one of them but never takes it out of the car.

        I can’t remember any street corners in Perth but the Cherrybank Inn is one of my top five Scottish pubs so I’m sure that the Old Ship “pushes Perth firmly into the Top 5 of Scottish drinking cities”.
        So with t’other Mudgie in his guest house and me staying at the Cherrybank Inn when next year will be our first ever Proper Day Out north of the border ?


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