Duncan deserves most of the credit for this post. He suggested the minor detour from Perth AND came up with the title. I have come to expect nothing less from the great man.

Only half an hour from Cumbernauld, and I confess I was expecting someting like Brechin.

But despite the fact the “I” thief is still on the loose,

it was quite smart and alluring. The Histon of the North, though I don’t think Crieff ever beat St Mirren.

The big question to emerge from Crieff is “Would you get your short back and sides from Mr Sweeney?”

The light drizzle made Crieff look rather alluring, as pubs with a red T are wont to look.

Of course, the Quaich (pronounced Quiche) is no Tennents boozer.

No, it’s a self styled “bar, grill and coffee house” , the sort of place Wilmslow calls a micropub without irony.

One beer again, I think, a tricky little Ossian on scary pump I wanted to warm to.

But couldn’t quite (NBSS 2.5). The bar was comfy, the dogs a distraction.

I’m about to trip over you on my way to the Gents.

The highlight is this reminder of the days when Crieff flocked to see Hazel O’Connor make strange squawking noises.

Something like the sound the Ossian makes right now if you press play.

10 thoughts on “GOOD CRIEFF !

  1. Would you say a 2.5 beer always ends up getting poured out? Or can there be mitigating factors (i.e. you’ve come in from a long walk and your thirst makes even a bad beer acceptable)? I imagine you’ll finish anything 3.0 and above no matter what.


      1. I don’t think I would pour away an NBSS 2½ beer as it’s midway between “2 – Average. Competently kept, drinkable pint” and “3 – Good. Good beer in good form”.


  2. Only just seen this one as my computer is still determined to send your posts to junk mail. Its a very pleasant town. My attempt to tick this one was foiled by owners being away at a wedding and closing pub for a couple of days. Not a disaster for me but glad people from say, the Fens, would have found it galling.


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