As we’ve now officially entered the election campaign I’m following the advice of Hull Tigers fan and brains behind BRAPA, Tom.

So, none of my usual hidden political messages placed subliminally in posts telling you to register to vote and for the best candidate.

Well, only this semi-political rant about Angus Council and their daft parking charges.

Ah, Brechin.


I’d nearly taken the train there on the Sunday to watch the big Brechin v Airdrie clash, but the lack of a Guide pub swung it Huntly’s way.


Mind, if I’d been a tad older the half pint and a nip for £2.60 would have been unmissable.

Foster is an Australian DIPA

I’d made Brechin my half-way stop on the way to Perth for the unarguable reason that I’d never been there, and I want to visit all the cities. Particularly one whose football team was playing mighty St Mirren 18 months ago.

By the by, are there any Scottish places that aren’t either Cathedral cities/the birthplace of Scotland/the home of Burns ?

If I come back to Brechin I’ll stay at the Northern and have High Tea.

No I won’t, it’s £95 on

For now, I was content with coffee and cake and Cathedral. Should take no more than 90 minutes.


Brighton prices come to Brechin

I only pay nominal charges to park, if at all. For context, the Cathedral city of Ely is free, as are loads of small market towns.

So I parked up the road where half an hour was free, and scrapped the idea of coffee and cake (sorry, Julie’s Breakfast & Burgers).

Brechin must be a real tourist hotspot, I reasoned.



Both of those are on the High Street, which was deserted at 10am.

The hardware store on Market Street was under no illusions as to who was to blame.

Good ideas

Brechin isn’t without charm, particularly on the approach to the Cathedral.

Calling card of minor Glasgow team
Tiny house alert
Stunning stained glass

No-one, at all, in the Cathedral either, which is a little spooky. I left the coins I’d saved by not parking in the Council car park in the donation box, and got lost trying to find my way back to the car.


I did wonder if the city had been evacuated, following contamination by the Airdrie supporters at the weekend, but then an old chap shuffled past, eyes down.

I will guarantee you the Caledonian will now be in the 2021 Guide.

19 thoughts on “BARMY IN BRECHIN

    1. I bought a can of spesh in Brechin Co op and drank it later in the park in Perth, must be worth a tick.

      One (empty) shop had a commemorative brochure from their promotion to the Championship 2 years ago. Quite a fall since then.

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      1. The season they got relegated (2017/18) from the Championship was the same season St Mirren won it. Brechin ended up with no wins and 4 points from 36 games. I saw them twice in Paisley and both games were unlucky single goal defeats. In freefall since then. The spesh counts for me.

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  1. All power to the local traders and shopkeepers for making a stand against the council’s parking charges. We suffer the same problem here in the south-east. It’s almost as if local authorities would rather shoppers abandoned town centres, in favour of edge of town retail parks.

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      1. High business rates and changing shopping habits are equally to blame for the demise of the high street, but councils charging excessive rates for parking, has then made the situation worse.

        Wacking a few extra quid on council tax and then making parking free, could be one solution, but then there would be complaints from the small minority of people who don’t own cars.

        There are no easy answers when central government has cut funding to local authorities, but as Martin has pointed out, we’re not supposed to be discussing politics.

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      2. “Changing shopping habits” means buying online from a foreign company that doesn’t pay its share of taxes.
        ( I’ve never bought from Amazon )
        “Central government has cut funding to local authorities” and that means “High business rates” rather than “a few extra quid on council tax” that would lose votes.
        “There are no easy answers” but £1 or so that motorists will whinge about but should be able to afford is thought preferable to cutting Social Services spending and putting vulnerable local children at greater risk.
        And that’s all I intend saying about politics for today.

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    1. LAF,
      Yesterday Mrs TSM was moaning about having paid £1.90 for nine minutes in a hospital car park.
      By comparison £1 for sixty minutes looks like very good value.

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  2. At first I was chuckling at the idea of such a pitched battle being waged over parking charges, but then I read some of the comments and realized it’s a rather serious issue.

    In America it’s interesting to see how some certain towns have managed to reinvent themselves as vibrant Main Streets, while others have become sad ghost towns, with all the business moving to chain stores just outside of town. Sounds like a similar phenomenon has occurred in the UK.

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  3. What comes after Brechin City? Nil.

    Pleased to see Angus Council still being silly. Some years ago in a previous life I was signing a large contract with them but they saw the ‘governed under the laws of England and Wales’ bit of the small print and refused to sign. Quick call to legal who collectively sighed and told me to cross it out and write Scotland over the top if it made them happy.


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