5pm on a Friday night on the mean streets of central Aberdeen.

Rather beautiful

Mrs RM was still turning the University IT off and on again, I was lugging around my overnight bag (mainly phone rechargers), and I had no new GBG ticks to do, unless I jumped on the ferry to Orkney. Wish I had now.

Time for the Craft run for which the Granite City is world famous.

Aberdeen Craft

They’ve even produced a little leaflet (top). In kilometers !

In the suburbs you get your basic Tennent’s boozer, in the heart of Union Street you get the Victoriana, and The Grill.

In the West End you get Swizzels.

STOP. Unless you’re Paul.

And Swizzels flavoured DIPA sours, probably.

I would have started at the chain that invented craft, but the queue for Tennent’s in the Archibald Simpson stretched to the door.


The queues were no easier in the Brew Dog over the road.

Pleasant drizzle now

Nowhere to it to enjoy the Draught Bass Off Duty Clown,

No Live Dead Pony Club

so I turned A Different Corner and popped in Fierce.

Good grief ! Can you tell the difference ?

Always go for the one marked “Juicy IPA”

I won’t lie, I was missing Mrs RM, she’d have done this justice. Sipping a lovely half of Late Shift (as a homage to Mrs RM’s IT efforts) on my own wasn’t the same, however good the beer.

Teku. Bless you

No cask, of course, ugh!

But there was cask in the next one, despite the big red T and the Brew Dog ownership of the Draft House aka Hop & Anchor.

Your preemptive tick, Sir

When I left Aberdeen in Spring this place was just about to open.

It was a tad quieter than Fierce and the Dog, but ticking over and with a wide range of punters who’d nabbed the comfy chairs, leaving me a high table.

Resist the temptation to drop chips on them

Excitingly, the cask from Stewart was also under £3 a pint on days with a y in them, and was certainly GBG standard (rich, smooth, NBSS 3). But the squid was the highlight, as so often.


That, and the men’s toiletries, the best range I’ve ever seen. No Brut though.

Best matched with a sour

I’ll be gutted if it isn’t in GBG21, hopefully shutting the day BRAPA arrives in town.


  1. Sadly the “craft kilometer” was out of date within a month or so of publication when Brewdog#3 opened, followed by the Hop & Anchor and then an upmarket West End place that I’ve never worked up the enthusiasm to head towards.

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  2. I’m glad you didn’t decide to have a pint in all six “craft beer kilometre” bars. Best to leave such shenanigans to Simon.

    That photo of the cask you ordered is that rarest of rare things on the RetiredMartin blog: a beer with no lacings whatsoever! Are you sure it wasn’t a glass of apple juice? 😉

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  3. Any well-conditioned beer should have a little froth from natural carbonation and leave at least a trace of lacings no matter how it’s dispensed, assuming clean glassware.


    1. EP,
      Unless beer has gone totally flat, in the sense of having lost all condition, it will have a trace of lacings no matter how dispensed.
      The trouble is that nowadays too many drinkers judge beer by its appearance, a lifeless beer thrashed through a sparkler looking good but an excellent pint served by gravity despite being full of condition looking flat and therefore not good.

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