You left me in the Hop & Anchor, enjoying an eclectic soundtrack that Pub Ciurmudgeon would have warmed to.


I had certainly left the One True Path of cask by now and my wayward adventure around the craft kilometre reached its zenith at Casc & Cigar.

Aberdeen Craft


My subsequent research reveals that Casc stands for “Campaign Against Sassenach Crafties“, but I managed to get served, so check your security lads.

The electronic scoreboard may just have been the most colourful of the night.

You work it out

It also had the most complex coffee making system seen outside Shoreditch. Americans may need an explanation on the workings of the kettle.

V60,V60,V60, Go !

Clearly anticipating toilet troubles from BRAPA in 2033, Casc have set their, er, stool out early.

Best to be clear

All a bit weird, but I like weird, and the Black Isle and Cromarty were priced by the pint, which made me wonder it they might be cask. No doubt Aberdeen CAMRA will send round a man with scientific equipment to find out.

Whatever, the Black Isle Porter was very good, and some folk even older than me were merrily testing all the beers.


Casc seemed to have a fixation on Anderson East, whoever he is.


You’ll be glad to know Mrs RM did show up eventually, and we popped back to Hop & Anchor to see Southampton manfully keep Leicester below ten. Well done, Saints.

We even popped in the Craftsman, yet another cafe-and-craft place where Mrs RM and I had too sit in a sofa, inches off the ground, to enjoy a hop monster and some ’80s pop covers from a talented lady feet strumming away by the foor.


Half a dozen pleasant, unpretentious places. Who needs cask ? Don’t answer that.

How we didn’t end up in Krakatoa I’ll never know.

10 thoughts on “CARRY ON WAYWARD SON

  1. “V60,V60,V60, Go!” –Is that a Bow Wow Wow reference I spy? They had a fairly big hit over here with ‘I Want Candy’ (by which point I imagine they were already a bit passé in England), but most Americans have never heard any of their other songs.

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    1. Yes, my usual flippant 80s reference.

      C30, C60, C90 wasn’t a massive hit in the summer of 1980 but it blew me away. Malcolm McClaren borrowed Adam Ant’s drummers and the rest was very short history. They were indeed passe by about October 7th 1982.

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    1. I’d forgot we had Friday night football. I saw the two-thirds empty stadium, the scoreline, and twenty players I didn’t recognise and actually assumed I was watching some youth cup game or similar till Vardy scored.


  2. That coffee set up is quite scary ! Like the stools sign -one of my pet hates is bar blockers on stools -we saw a couple of women doing this in Porthleven last week -there were perfectly good seats elsewhere -I sat glaring at them & fantasised about accidentaly spilling a drink on their coats which were on one of those little hooks on the bar

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    1. “accidentaly spilling a drink on their coats which were on one of those little hooks on the bar” – yes, because you can’t get away with accidently using the coat pocket as an ashtray nowadays.

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