Some fast paced ticking action now, as the No. 54 brings you to the heart of Bridge of Allan, birthplace of Judy Murray, the most powerful woman in Scotland.

Bridge of Allan

Photo – Flickr

Another Scottish town with a population between 5,601 and 8,901 to add to the growing list I was to tick off on the trip.

Between Stirling Uni and the massive tennis court of Dunblane, Bridge of Allan looked a charming one street sort of place that I nominate as “The Wheathampstead of the North” to annoy someone.

Archway to nowhere
The new “Husband Creche”

Cafes, boutiques, ice cream and a brewery tap emitting an astonishingly attractive smell as I descended the steps from the main street.

Barriers and traffic cones always a concern

It looked a bit ramshackle from outside, and I always expect these places to be unexpectedly closed as BrewDog have bought up all the water or whatever it is that beer is made of these days.

But Allanwater’s Tap was open, and astonishing.


Half a dozen folk spread out in a cosy pub that made the best of its surrounding, and was packed with authentically Scottish reading materials.

An eclectic soundtrack had reached “Music From The Big Pink“.

Fish available on credit card apparently

The young barman was, as young people invariably are, chatty and helpful as I dithered over a range of beers that was greater than one.

Our hero
Sample trays !

The first half, possibly the 70/, was end of the barrel. Unless it was meant to taste like that.

Our bar hero had a sniff, had a taste and went “Ooh, thanks for telling me“. He went off to do something complex in the cellar, and when he got back produced a half of the same beer that was somehow nectar.

The Broons

Always take your beer back, folks. Even if I don’t.

I left to the sound of Nick drake’s Pink Moon. Perhaps a pink-themed playlist, but I didn’t stay to find out if Lily the Pink was coming up next. I really should have.

26 thoughts on “OOR WULLIE

  1. You’ll be getting a But ‘n’ Ben as a cosy couples weekend retreat for all these exotic Scottish locations Mrs. RM is being financed to visit.
    Have you been online searching for an Orkney posting for her yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes indeed,
      I remember when Tartan or the equally dreadful McEwans Export was everywhere north of the border.
      Now Tim’s carpets is your best chance of finding tartan.


      1. McEwans export, unfortunately, has been making a bit of a comeback in recent years. No idea who is producing it at present; last heard of at Charles Wells, so possibly one of Marstons breweries.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Scott,
        But is McEwans Export any better now that it’s brewed south of the border ?
        Maybe Marstons have improved the recipe since taking on the Charles Wells Brewery in Bedford.
        Marstons certainly seem to be making a good job of that Tetleys now that it’s brewed in Wolverhampton, yes, in the Swan one of the best pints in Buxton.


      1. Interesting! I’ve gone to listen to “Last Film” on YouTube; definitely didn’t get any airplay over here that I recall. There was a brief moment circa 1983 or so when all sort of ‘arty’ bands like this could get one song on the radio for at least a little bit– doesn’t seem so possible these days.

        Liked by 1 person

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