Before start on Scotland, I understand there is a gnashing of teeth that you can’t post your scathing comments on today’s posts.

My advice is, write your comments on a piece of paper in pink pen, click your heels and throw the paper in the bin. I’m sure that will work.

From (Raheem) Sterling to Stirling.

Yes, I was headed to Orkney (9hr 46) but got horribly distracted by Dunkeld.


Never heard of it, Gateway to the Cairngorms, train service to Stirling/Dunblane/Perth, and two of its own GBG entries.

Why not ?

Two hours after parking up in Dunkeld, I was in Stirling. Unfortunately, the GBG pub was closer to Nessie than Stirling Castle so no pics of that. In fact all I saw on the way were posh schoolchildren.

Birds and Bees
Note monument to Jessie Wallace of Eastenders fame

But you don’t get many pub signs as picturesque as this, do you ?


It’s a converted farm house, obviously, so there are plenty of cows for BRAPA to scare.


Inside it’s a bit over the top, like those themed diners on the Isle of Wight, but I like tat.

Stuff your Christmas
Milk barrels for seats

It’s 4pm, I enter to the Communards “Don’t Leave Me This Way“, there’s one Old Boy drinking Tennent’s and the enthusiastic barman asks me what I want before I get to the bar.

Where’s Doom Bar when you want it ?

I discover I like the barman. He stands a beermat against the glass, weirdly.

Proper head

and tells me more about the Birds and Bees than I’d ever wish to know (stop, Russ).

Apparently I’ve turned up at the quietest part of the day, just before the local rugby yeam, which sounds like fun. Bet they all drink the Lia Fail.

My Ossian is what you’d guess (decent enough) and I take it on a little tour of the pub.

The barman joins me on the tour, pointing out the key features; function room, restaurant, Gents, which is enthusiastic at worst.


Simon would have waited the 27.5 minutes for the rugby team to turn up, but then he can seemingly afford the taxis to the next pub, unlike me.

11 thoughts on “A STIRLING EFFORT

  1. Greetings from The Boat Inn, Aboyne. I’m heading South as you’re going North. We may pass each other. You might as well do Shetland while in Orkney; 45 minutes on the plane and the two pubs can be done in a day by bus.


  2. I’ve actually been in this pub about twenty years ago. I think I was led there by the Good Pub Guide, but found it run-down and devoid of customers. Presumably its theme has been refreshed since then.


  3. That is odd, leaning the beermat against the glass. A local custom perhaps?

    Either that or it’s a secret signal used among spies; alas, when you failed to tap it three times against the pint glass, he understood that you were not the double agent he’d been expecting. πŸ˜‰

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