Seems I forgot to include a map showing you where Crewe is earlier. So here it is, with the Blue Mugge in Leek as your reference point. Hope that helps.


Last time here I stayed in the Crewe Arms, which sadly isn’t as posh as it looks, but undercut the bargain Travelodge by a fiver.

Handy for Gresty Road

Historically, Crewe’s renown* rests on 4 things;

  • Dario Gradi
  • Not being Nantwich
  • Its live ribute act music scene
  • More takeaways than people
One of Crewe’s 78,507 takeaways
In an effort to alienate my audience I should say I’d rather see a David Essex tribute than Bowie

On Tuesday I was looking for the Crewe Spoons to pass an hour before my train to Manchester and the Etihad.
But there isn’t one. That’s what’s happens when you don’t eat enough eggs benedicts, folks.

Luckily there’s plenty of cafes and boozers in town, including the lovely Brunswick (top) with its cheap Holts.

I really fancied unlimited flat whites, but instead had to settle for a half of Arkell’s at the first new Guide pub in several years.


In the exotic southern half of town, too, near the Morning Foods factory and next to a flash new health centre and care home.

Crewe wildlife

ONLY the Good Beer Guide can give you adventures like this.


The Raven is the sort of ’60s estate pub you get in the suburbs of Peterborough, entering the GBG with a short collection of interesting beers alongside Doom Bar.

Some cautious photography here

A Life After Football of a pub, in fact. I’m sure he has happy memories of the Alex.

Eight in at 4.30, including three women. All seated round the bar with regulation minimum 24cm gap.

Pub life

I could have joined them at the bar, but I always feel like that’s intruding on a family gathering, and besides I like tables.

I liked the Arkell’s Gold, a cool, chewy NBSS 3+, and the banter was, inevitably, about Mark Knopfler’s guitar work on Telegraph Road. You never get Dire Straits in a rubbish pub, as BRAPA well knows.

*For the record, Crewe is a working town. I love Crewe.


  1. You mean you didn’t go in the Hop Pole? There used to be a Spoons, but they closed it, due to redevelopment, I think.


    1. Yes, the Hop Pole was undoubtedly the highlight of our Proper Day Out in Crewe and that was without Draught Bass the guest beer as it was on my more recent visit.
      Is closed “due to redevelopment” Tim’s way of saying condemned ?.

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  2. Did you know, that edible cones for ice cream had already been mentioned in French cooking books by the year eighteen twenty-five? That was when one Julien Archambault described how he could roll one, from “petites gaufres” or “little waffles”.

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    1. Reg,
      I won’t mention where she was working long ago but my wife was instructed to check each ice cream cone for mouse droppings before filling it.


      1. I trust, my dear Sir, that your good lady wife was diligent in following that excellent direction. Breathing dust that has come in contact with mouse excrement has been linked to hantavirus, which may lead to the potentially fatal Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.


    1. Again, Mark, an interesting comparison I’d missed.

      I think some towns in the UK have far more tribute acts than others, mainly in the larger northern pubs.

      20 years ago it was Elvis and the crooners, now it’s the 90s bands (often Oasis) who can make a part-time living playing covers.

      In Cambridge it’s mainly original music, bar the show tunes at the biggest venue, but the more provincial towns feed on cover bands.

      Crewe is the epicentre of the cover circuit (there’s a TV documentary about it somewhere).

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      1. TSM, perhaps more than we’ll ever know. That Mr. Zimmermann said that his was a tribute to everyone from Woody Guthrie to Edith Piaf, for instance.

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      2. I’ll let others be the judge of that Paul. He was just a for instance, probably not the best, but there are many others who made a name aping others more closely, e.g. all those 1980s Doors-inspired ones.

        Maybe I haven’t thought this through…


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