Welcome to the home of ice cream vans

I should be in Liverpool today, visiting weird new craft bars with names like the White Star, Globe and Crown.

But unfortunately I’ve rather overdone it this week at Stafford, Crewe and IndyMan, which makes a good trio.


Crewe’s Travelodge has been my new home since Tuesday.

Though in truth I seem to have spent half my life at the UK’s saddest railway station, asking Virgin staff for cheaper tickets from Northern and Transport for Wales. Tom would be proud.

A Station

I’ve checked in the Public Records Office, and apparently I am the first person to voluntarily spend 3 nights in Crewe on holiday.

Two blokes, probably called Duncan and Luke, did spend a couple of days attaching football stickers to lampposts once, but both cancelled their 3rd nights.

Today, Crewe. Tomorrow, Great Cumbrae.
Crewe v Tranmere the quintessential football fixture

Lots more Crewe to come, but I start opposite the Travelodge, with the rare sight of a family dining pub on a mini retail park that isn’t run by Marston’s.

Yes, it’s our Middleton Junction mates !

Or Moppa as it’s known by no-one
Solid chain pub

I’d used the Duke of Gloucester a few years before and been impressed by attention to detail (some would say twee) and an operation closer to Brunnning & Pricey* than Hungry Horse.

Few takers

At 2pm the lunchtime trade from the big office park and gym has gone, so there was no-one to block my view of the pumps.

Plenty of choice

I think there may have been seasonals and other nonsense 5 years ago, but now you have a sensible choice of two, the same number as the other customers.

The Lees MPA comes with the house burger for a tenner.

Northern head
We want plates

It’s cool and foamy and a bit thin (NBSS 3), but would obviously waltz into the GBG anywhere north of South Queensferry.

Frankly, the grazing board for the burger is packed with value rather than taste.

Luckily, I will later discover that the Chinese takeaway opposite is a classic.



13 thoughts on “3 NIGHTS IN CREWE

  1. Tell us about that glass then! Quite the ugliest I’ve seen since the half-pint dimpled jug I keep getting served in at Bath Road Beers. It’s to prevent 14-pint Friday night glass slippage yes?


      1. They sell ‘a’ cask beer, so probably not. Though who knows, I’ve lost track of what passes for ‘Good Beer…’ in CAMRA circles now. I understand Gin is real ale now…


      1. Not been but recently free of tie, all the high-end local beers, Thai food, just the kind of pub that’ll find favour I’d have thought and handily close to the station. Sandford Park Alehouse has just changed hands so could drop out of the next guide if the timing’s wrong…


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