From Maidenhead we headed towards the coast, where Mrs RM is just about to start an assignment yards from Brighton Station the Evening Star.

20 years ago we’d have set off from Hitchin on a Friday night, phoned a Premier Inn/Lodge on the way, and end up somewhere interesting for £30. “Interesting” meaning Stroud, Sandbach or Solihull.

Despite the internet it’s getting harder to find cheap room at a weekend, with nothing much under £80 anywhere on the South Coast. Unless you want a B&B near Gatwick Airport rated 5.4/10 on Booking.com.

So a Travelodge in Horsham it was.

Handily placed for Gatwick Airport

Simon the Dolphin was pleased to see us.

Nice weather for dolphins

Mrs RM had the rejuvenation of the little square containing the town’s new water features and Wetherspoons, beautifully illuminated here for you.

Rather pretty

By a massive coincidence, there was a new GBG tick, just two minutes walk (if you don’t stop at red lights) from the grim looking Travelodge.


Clearly it’s the King’s Arms turn in the Guide, but I’ve rarely seen a more obvious GBG entry in a town.

Look !  They’ve got jam jars !


It’s dark, but we can hear the duo energetically murdering obscure pop classics. And “Walk on the wild side“.

This next one goes “Ho Hey”

Mrs RM takes a table in the next room. She was keen for craft, but craft was there none, so it was Pride or the Long Man Best. Both were GBG levels; the Long Man was a touch flat but that flatness had a pleasing Bass twang by the end #BeerSommellier.

Mrs RM’s blogging aid revealed.

What’s that you’re writing Mrs RM ?”

It’s astart

In our marginally quieter section we had for company an older couple on pints, two lady gentlefolk on wine and a group of younger women working their way through two bottles of chilled Moet.

Unlike us, they’d all dressed up for their Friday Night Out.

Half-timbered gem

We stayed for a bit, as there’s few better ways to spend an evening in Horsham that listening to a mash-up of the 4 Non-Blondes “What’s Up” and the theme from the Jungle Book.

“And I say hey hey hey hey”

And that was it for us, bar a swift stroll round the Horsham highlights. A lot of bare midriff on show, I’ll say that.



Oooh, that looks nice” said Mrs RM.


But though I’d denied her craft in the King’s Arms, she wasn’t really up for the Mikkeller and To Ol. A cup of tea would do.

14 thoughts on “HORSHAM BOYS (AND GAL)

  1. Ah, the Anchor Tap. Used to belong to Dark Star so perhaps now Japanese. Didn’t open on Mondays when I was staying in the same Travelodge, so I’ve never been in.


  2. Did you not use the Lynd Cross ?
    Twelve beers on, including “the Pride drinking well”, and NEVER a bad pint in there – or so we were told dozens of times.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Speaking of Bass, this little piece of scientific research shared in Boak & Bailey’s latest post:

    “The Bass and Worthington drinker: A hairy-chested docker… One of the interviewed people though that the typical Bass drinker would probably be a wife-beater, too.”

    From the various blogs I’ve read, seems pretty accurate….😲

    Liked by 1 person

  4. But surely the “B&B near Gatwick Airport rated 5.4/10” wold provide you with a really unforgettable blogpost. 😉

    Now, I know you’re a fan of live music, but how do you feel when you see a, shall we say, not-likely-bound-for-a-recording-contract singer or duo in a pub like you did here? I’m pretty picky, I must say (i.e. boring)– would rather it be quiet than have to listen to live music I’m not enjoying.


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