Oh grief, I’ve just read that cartoon. Too late to stop now.

I was hoping Mrs RM would blog about the Winning Post in Winkfield, but she said she “can’t be bothered“. It’s a shame, as she overhears more than I do.

She’s let me use her photo, though. Apparently the one on the left is a car and the one on the right is also a car.

Better than the photo of the front of the pub which is obscured by parasols

For GBG tourists, the thrill is guessing where the pub will be listed if it survives to GBG21 (which it deserves to).


Options include its current home of Winkfield, the hamlet of Maiden’s Green, Windsor, Greater Legoland, or Bracknell, which would probably pay handsomely. I can tell you nothing of interest about any of those places bar Legoland.

I don’t come across many overtly posh pubs in the Guide (except the micropubs, of course).

Only Cheshire’s gastro ghastlies still provide that lovely sense of being out of my depth, so I was glad to have Mrs RM with me to provide some Royal Tunbridge Wells toff.

Amstel drinkers on the porch,


padded jackets at the bar,

A photo tells etc etc

and pashminas and Prosecco in the side.

Mrs RM did the sensible thing and took the first available seat, close to the bar, and waited for me to deliver her pint of Knight of the Garter (NBSS 3+). And the WiFi code.

A typical upmarket gastro selection there

Perhaps it’s a Friday night thing, but the bar was packed with under-40s and none of them were eating.

The talk was of “deliveries to the estate” and whether Tara was coming to the hunt.

Not a GBG hunt either

Mrs RM sat transfixed. Until our burger and baked squash turned up. Always have the burger in a posh pub folks. Or sneak in your own cheesy wotsits like the pros do.

A weird choice of music included “No Escape” by the Chromatics (who ?), and they’ve also abandoned the usual handwash for this artisanal alternative.

Wot no Baylis & Harding ?

Sometimes it pays to go posh, you know.

5 thoughts on ““IS TARA COMING TO THE HUNT ?”

  1. My sister used to work in a pub not too far away (between Ascot and Wentworth Golf Club.) A similar set of vehicles permanently in the car park, and the worst behaved clientele she ever dealt with. Some big tippers, mind.

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