You can’t have too much Doncaster, though Simon may disagree. He’s a delicate flower.

Two new Guide pubs in Donny, putting it level in the table with North Rotherham and Holy Island for new GBG thrills.

I started a mile out in Scawsby, which really wants the Sun for Scawsby.

Doncaster may take a look at the entrance and think “You have it, mate“.

The beer range isn’t bringing Donny into the crafty 2000s either.

The Hobgoblin is very popular apparently

Yes, it’s a Marston’s diner. With Hello Kitty but without Pedigree.

But you see, the beer was greatish (3.5). And they sell stuff people drink.

And the Landlady had left a pub in the Lake District to bring grace and order and good cask to a bit of a beer desert in Doncaster.

Sometimes the GBG really delights you.

It did, again, at the Hallcross.

Just another Donny all day opener for professional drinkers?

A bit, but rather classily refurbed,

and with a Landlady who chased after me to return a copy of Donny Drinker I’d dropped out of my back pocket. The Southworth brothers will be thrilled.

Mark Crilley would have been delighted to hear “Enola Gay” and Creedence Clearwater Revival, last heard on the same playlist in 1981.

They’d all have been thrilled at the beer quality here too, the revived Stocks being a rare NBSS 4 that I couldn’t fault.


My heart lifted by two top beers, and my stomach filled in the new artisan market which sold me a decent Syrian lunch for a fiver.

It’s not Borough Market, or Mackie Mayor, but it has a brewery tap.

And as you know, every proper town needs a brewery tap in an indoor artisan market.

Just ask Altrincham.

9 thoughts on “A DONNY OVERKILL

  1. Thanks for the shout out, as always. If they went directly from Enola Gay to Creedence, that must have been a rather jarring transition!

    Based on the logo above the door, I’d have never imagined Hallcross would have such a traditional interior. And I’m not sure if this represents a difference between US and UK English, but you’d never see an American bar describing their outdoor section as an “external” drinking area. Sounds a bit like a doctor’s diagnosis. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. “Large external drinking area”.

        I’m surprised that they didn’t also say “comfort-optimised internal sitting apparatus” while they were at it.


  2. Surprised you’ve never been in the Hallcross before, as it used to be a GBG regular back in the day. Just a pity Donny no longer has the tallest bar in the country in the White Swan at the other end of Frenchgate.

    Selling stuff people drink – that will never catch on. They really need to be educated into choosing homebrew they’ve never heard of ๐Ÿ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

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