I’m not saying never trust WhatPub opening hours, but…

This is the 3 Horseshoes in Running Waters, named after an Indian chief buried in a micropub on Durham Station.

Hopefully it will revert to a Old Hassop location in GBG21 in order to confuse BRAPA.

It’s not that isolated, though any map below Navigator level may give you problems.

Just look for the sheep.

The 7am shown is obviously the earliest you can get a cappuccino and a bacon butty.

I’d missed that treat when I tipped up at 11.

At least the alcohol licence kicks in at 11, rather than the midday you fear.

Does anyone try and get a beer at 7.30″

“Oh yes they all try

Clearly a market opportunity for Durham’s marvellous Station House.

The Hadrian was a bit sharp if I’m honest, but I’ll forgive the Horseshoes as they were playing Wham Bang Shang A Lang by Silver, and not many pubs can say that.

I won’t forgive the insect that descended down my sweater in the Gents.

I named him Simon.

12 thoughts on “RUNNING WATERS – THE 7am PINT

  1. Personally, I’m a great fan of the early morning pint, especially with a Wetherspoon’s breakfast, and my biggest complaint about Tim’s pubs is that they don’t advertise the time that alcohol becomes available.

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      1. The same thing that happened to nuclear electricity “so cheap it would not be worth metering”, the “paperless office”, and “so much leisure time that we wouldn’t know what to do with it thanks to the IT revolution”.

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    1. Phil,
      Yes, indeed, the early morning pint is a great way of starting the day, with or without a Wetherspoon’s breakfast.
      I did suggest to Tim advertising two times, opening time and alcohol serving time, but I think he must be more interested in carpets and politics.


  2. I confess the title did have me hoping you’d be describing a beer you had at breakfast, undertaken for the purposes of scientific study or some such excuse. 😉

    Curiosity drove me to listen to ‘Wham Bang Shang A Lang’ on YouTube– a good bit less silly than I imagined based on the title, I must say! But the video’s had more than 3 million listens, clearly a much loved song, though I can’t recall hearing it until now.


  3. Ashamed to say I haven’t been, although driven past many times at night and there’s always a fair few cars outside. Shame the beer wasn’t so good – perhaps they would have more turnover if they *did* serve beer with breakfast!? I suspect I know the response I’ll get if I suggest the SH opens at such an hour… maybe when we turn it into a hipster coffee shop next year 😉


    1. PS – thanks for putting your NBSS score in – just in time for my Q3-2019 report! Guess how many others we’ve had for that pub…


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