One more on the coast with Electric Pics, who was obviously paying far more attention than I was to little things like details.

Tynemouth certainly has a motley collection of pub names.

  • Hugo’s @ The Coast
  • The Cumberland
  • Lola Jeans (a pre-emptive cert for Si)
  • Barca
  • Gibraltar Rock

and of course our very next tick Platform 2 Craft Ale Bar.


Platform opening loo specially for BRAPA

Tynemouth Station is a gem in wrought iron, and better known for its farmers markets and pashmina auctions than as a route to the Bay.

But can I distinguish it from the Monkseaston station pub after 6 pubs ?

Could come in useful

Well, this one has Dylan too.

The golden era

But it swaps the guitars for a jukebox, and we’re greeted by crackly versions of “Nightswimming” and “”Handbags & Gladrags“. Ah, but Stewart or Stereophonics ? you ask.

Classic, but doesn’t play cassettes

Lovely place; children welcome, bring your own quinoa and olives, free jukebox.

Very much beer bar rather than micro. Controversially, I went for keg murk Almasty while Adrian narrowly retained CAMRA membership by sticking with cask Anarchy, which to be fair is rarely a duff choice.

Grief there’s a lot to digest there

Another low-lit pub, perhaps to make my photos more atmospheric.

No autovacs, sadly
Foamy beer

It didn’t work, of course.

I know Adrian told me something vital at this point, probably about an underpass to avoid in Wallsend or a new micro in Blyth.

I was rather distracted by a rare airing for “Crazy Nights” by Kiss, one of the young bands booked to headline Donnington next year. I doubt Matt will be going.


Speaking of Crazy Nights, I was off to Wallsend.

10 thoughts on “ANARCHY IN TYNEMOUTH

      1. I foolishly mentioned Alan Price once, to a big Geordie, called Gez – as so many are.

        “Pricey. Is. A. C**t”, he replied.

        I didn’t argue.


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