A quick post, as I’m in Maidenhead and I think they may have been reading what I write about their dump of a town.


Back to a more civilised Tyneside.

Grief, it’s already 9pm and I haven’t eaten since 2.

A dash for the last of the Tyneside 8.


I feel a con, not bringing you pics of Hadrian’s thong or some comic dereliction, but it was raining.

And frankly the Spoons is the bright spot on Wallsend’s functional (there’s a Heron Foods) pedestrianised high street.


It’s a dominating Spoons, doing good Tuesday trade, though the open view cellar and beer lists suggests it thinks it’s the Babington Arms. Which it’s not.


Actually, you could plonk me here and I couldn’t tell you if I was in Newcastle or Luton or Eastbourne. Is that good?


Ooh, a local beer to finish.



Another Grainger, beautifully served but a solid 3 rather than a joyous 3.5.

I’d used my Spoons vouchers in Whittlesey, so I sort of resented paying £1.99 a pint, something the Cask Report missed.

Very dull, though I did go to the Gents twice which must attract attention.

The day’s ticking left me tantalisingly close to a Tyne & Wear clean sweep.


I nearly stayed an extra night in Jesmond to finish it off but

a) the S Shields micro opens late

B) Jesmond is the pits of the north, isn’t it? The only Chinese takeaway was closed at 10pm. 10!

15 thoughts on “I’M AT MY WALLSEND

  1. Jesmond is posh but also rammed with students so out with the chinese takeaways and in with the hipster-led burger joints and quinoa knitting. I did fear for your welfare in Wallsend but now you mention Maidenhead you’re more than prepared for such delights.

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      1. Ah ok. Got some time in Derby coming up this weekend. That pub is quite close to the hotel but being a Wethers i was going to swerve it as I’ve only got time to do about 4 new pubs (and I have to re-visit the Brunswick)


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