What a year of revelation this has been for me on the beer front.
My first Kronenburg in Paris, my first Arkells for a decade at GBBF, chilli flavoured gin at midnight in Paddy’s in Bangor, and now my first Newcastle Brown Ale in, er, Newcastle.

My niece’s boyfriend is from Chicago. I know that because he wore a baseball cap in my car. Actually, it said “Fulham“, which I’m guessing is a suburb of Chicago.

He told me Lagunitas brew Newcy now, and I realised I had no idea who brewed the UK version. Probably Cloudwater or Marston’s, I guessed.

Loads of this stuff in that Beer Street

The TRUTH emerged at Pub No 6, two stops back down the line from Whitley. Has poor old Cullercoats ever had a GBG entry ?; it really needs a Cullercoats Cosy Craft Cabin.


Tynemouth is the posh bit of Geordieland; I believe they serve guacamole or perhaps I’m getting mixed up with Hartlepool.

Plenty of pubs on Front Street that aren’t GBG but look charming.

Cumberland’s windows rather blighted by coffee morning and Foster’s posters

The Social Club is very GBG and very social.

No card checks

Being a southerner and on my 6th pub of the night I headed straight to the powder room, asking for probably the only half served that night as I did so.

Pathetic half-pint weak bladdered southerner

When I came Adrian was outing me as a ticker to the locals at the bar, all of whom he he knew. By name, like.

Everyone knew Adrian, he Tyneside’s answer to Matthew Lawrenson.

What a magnificent shoe

My notes contain one word.


Not just the Grainger, unexpectedly great, but that feeling of pubby contentment you get in the best Sam Smiths houses. I’m sure they had Sam Smiths on, you know.

Two is plenty

Having established from resident the Newcy Crown expert that it’s brewed at Tadcaster Zouterwoude, I succumbed to a bottle. Soft, rich, foamy. Even better than Krony.

Next up I’m trying Stella in Maidenhead or something.

21 thoughts on “MY FIRST NEWCY BROWN

  1. The Chef in our local used to come off shift and immediately order a bottle of dog. (Newcy Brown) I’m sure I asked him many times and I’m sure he told me.. Either I can’t remember, or more likely couldn’t understand him (the thickest of Geordie accents). But why is Newcastle Brown called Dog?


    1. It’s been many a year since I had a bottle of Newcastle Brown; I don’t recall being very impressed with it. Perhaps I’ll give it a try again to see if my opinion has changed. But maybe the stuff we get over here in the States is an inferior version.

      1. “don’t recall being very impressed with it” – yes, but it was stronger than most 1970s beers and different in being one of only three beers in clear bottles, and the only one widely available in the free trade.
        An S&N employee told me that it was a blended beer.

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      1. I can only remember drinking it once, in 1972, in the bar, at Ifor Evans hall, Camden Town.

        I did perhaps drink it a couple of times afterwards, but I can’t remember where. It cost eighteen pence.

        No, I don’t think that I’d have it again these days either.


      2. And I’ve always thought it’s not a Proper Brown Ale but a pale ale with caramel, and not much caramel judging by it hardly being darker than many a pint of bitter.


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