He’s not really going to do EIGHT Tyneside posts, is he ?” you ask.

Dunno. Depends if they all produce enough photos to eke out a storyline.

You can never tire of the Tyne, surely ?

Cloud rather than fog

I can get a little tired of the micros behind the station, but that’s as much because I get my Chimps mixed up with my Boxes and my Streets.

And surely that barbers should be selling Almasty by now ?

Underneath the arches

Beer Street

Box Social and Beer Street (B) are so indistinguishable on Forth Street I feel compelled to tell you that Beer Street is the one next to the “herbal” shop.

I have no idea
Box Social 0.13 Retired Martin seconds further on

I only did Box Social in January, and I’m convinced I must have done this new one as well, so identical is the layout and stairs at the back.

Top micropub views

Admit it, could you tell 3 McDonalds side-by-side apart ?

But McDonalds don’t sell mince & onion pies in paper bags.


Or have a homage to Auf Wiedersehen Pet.  I’d surely have remembered that.

Alright ?

Half a dozen blokes a bit younger than me discuss an enticing beer range.


I’m no fan of enticing beer ranges as you know, so follow the pack and go for McColl Sumu which sounds a bit like a hop. Very good, anyway (3.5).

See, not the only man bag wearer

Not my sort of seating but the window seat is a great place to view office workers while enjoying “Uncertain Smile” and “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out“. But no “That’s Livin’  Alright (alright)“, sadly.


Two micros down, only four to go, I head for the bridges.



  1. “I can get a little tired of the micros behind the station, but that’s as much because I get my Chimps mixed up with my Boxes and my Streets.”

    I fully agree with that. I was suffering from micropub fatigue after checking out Split Chimp/Beer Street/Box Social all in one day last time I was up that way. I prefer Beer Street to Box Social – The beer seems more palatable in the former, and I’m pleased to see Marble’s Manchester Bitter in one of your photos above. I’m always pleased to see a beer that I recognise with “Bitter” in the name, as to be fair I’m never going to be the target audience for the likes of Beer Street or Box Social.


    1. That comment was no criticism of the micros or their beer quality; 90% of towns would love a place like Boxy Chimp Street. I’m really speaking from the perspective of someone who likes to visit different bits of the city and a mix of pubs.

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  2. Of course, the Box Sox* used to be the Splimp** before it moved round the corner to larger premises, and Gin Lane*** is much more like the original Spluttering Chump**** – and all the better for it to my mind. There’s even bench seating upstairs!

    * as all the cool kids call it
    ** as no one has ever called it before, nor will again
    *** presumably
    **** I like this one, no reflection on the Landlord of course

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    1. Blimey, it’s no wonder they can seem a bit interchangeable. I knew the Split Chimp had moved to it’s current premises, but I didn’t know where from. I also prefer the Split Chimp over Beer Street/Box Social, seems to have a little more atmosphere than some of the others.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it’s very confusing isn’t it!? Just to be clear my favourite of the lot was the original Split Chimp (which is now the Box Social, keep up) but my new favourite is Beer Street as it’s most like the original Split Chimp. I think the new Split Chimp is too big and the atmosphere suffers, although it’s better now the skittle alley has gone as that was ridiculously loud even downstairs.

        Sod it, I prefer the Bridge. Bridge? Hotel or Tavern? Aaargh!

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    1. I’m not sure which one pub I’d recommend these days for a meet-up. Loved Town Mouse, but still a bit tight. Always like Bacchus but perhaps showing its age, and of course the Posada dropped Bass. May revisit the Bodega next time.


  3. At first I thought ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’ was an obscure band I’d not heard of, but Wikipedia soon set me straight on that!

    A friend of mine back in high school was a big fan of “Uncertain Smile”– that’s one of those songs that got a bit of play back in the 80s but is almost never heard now. Is it well known over there?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never watched Auf but it was a big show here in mid 80s and gave the world Jimmy Nail 😕

      The The were the intellectuals choice in 86, like a hipper Tears for Fears. Listen to Heartland with its “This is the 51st state of the USA” refrain.

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