Next stop Byker.  Or is it Ouseburn ?



A mile in the rain. Mere mortals would have taken a taxi, but they’d miss out on the views of Newcastle’s iconic Quayside.

As recommended to my niece

Actually only 15 minutes after leaving Beer Street I was coming up to the Free Trade.

How did I resist ?  A ticker’s discipline, that’s how.

Byker art

And I really wanted a third tick in an hour.  Pathetic.

Look at those opening hours, BRAPA !

Having told you there’s a bit of a small pub overload in Newcastle, let it hereby be recorded they all sell very well kept beer.

And the Brinkburn St Tap has style.

Possibly not for the Mudgies
Canteen syle

The art and canteen will remind aficionados of the old Everyman bistro in ‘Pool, combined with the style of Major Tom’s and the beer range of the nearby Tyne Bank.

View better than from real away end at SJP

Yes, I was tempted by the 10.2% Imperial Stout, but figured that was best left to professionals like Duncan and Si.  The Old North Road was half that and a solid 3.5, but I suspect I’d go for the keg next time.

Old North Road.png

A bit quiet at 6pm the week before the students and Dutch tourists turn up, it’ll be packed when Si tips up.


I then climbed up to Byker station, with just enough time for the other local cultural highlights.

Busy Buzz

Sadly, no time for the Brexit tan.


6 thoughts on “BYKER (TREASURE) TROVE

  1. Brinkburn is one of my three Ouseburn haunts. Tyne Bank and Free Trade being the others. Beers are consistently good. One to watch will be Full Circle Brewing which is opening in a few months between Brinkburn and Tyne Bank.

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  2. Funnily enough the Brexit Tan* could be my nickname over here in Ireland.

    * Brits are often called Tans after the notorious Black and Tans.

    Although after I took out joint Irish citizenship for a few years on the advice of my accountant one wag christened me Fake Tan.

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