Pub Curmudgeon has compiled an excellent alternative list of pashmina and prosecco pubs for Paulines and Phillips to visit on days out from London Village.

I’m always reluctant to add my two pennorth to calls for lists of “Top Pubs“, given my recollections might predate the internet, but it’s good to see the Woodman in Wild Hill is still a proper boozer in the posh bit of Herts near the golf courses.


That’s a bit of an oasis between St Albans, which has a pub or two I believe, and the county town.

If you want to read great writing about Hertford’s brewing I’d start with Alec Latham, whose eulogy to McMullen AK is a gem.

For the first time in what seemed like a decade, I was back there on Tuesday, admiring the compact, unchanging centre.


Too posh for my lunch

I used to visit the Council buildings (not recommended) occasionally, and Hertford always seemed a sleepy little place, making even Hitchin seem dynamic.

There’s a fair bit of intriguing/grim development by the Lea,


but the centre is still relatively unscathed.

Tiling porn
Pointless name change

The new Guide entry for the Great Eastern Tavern is a bit of a shocker. Nearly 20 years since the Old Cross brought loadsa beers to the town, I was expecting Brewery Taps and Craft Bars like you get in Letchworth now.



A London overflow boozer in the very best traditions. Soiled work clothes, six at the bar, Stella and Chardonnay.


No pashminas here

All my age (ageless) too, a typical Kent micro crowd in some ways.

Most of the discussions were unrepeatable, but that won’t deter BRAPA if he makes it here.

I didn’t know where to look so I pretended to watch the cricket while I nursed my decent, foamy AK.

Proper seating alert

The Led Zep classic came on.

“Wazzat ?”

Stairway to Heaven, Len”

The one in the Gents, Len

Queen’s “It’s A Hard Life” came on next.

“Only Queen I like mate”

What about Her Maj ?

Does a great cooked breakfast Her Maj !

If you get bored with the bants, and you really won’t, there’s a fine collection of hats and this rare Manchester City chicken. Or perhaps it’s a canary.

Or perhaps it’s a canary

A wonderful pub, though one I suspect that Saskia and Finn will not be making a special trip from West London to visit.

And as always, a trip to the Gents brings its own rewards.



  1. The GET is the sort of backstreet-local / family brewery tied house that the GBG used to be full of in the old days pre Beer Orders. Is it the only McMullen pub in the Guide? The Wonder in Enfield used to be a regular, but no longer, I think.

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