There’s not many towns with as many as four new Beer Guide pubs this year.

Arise, Sir Norwich, a fine city apparently.

Loads of pubs in Norwich,


though some get a bit annoyed when they’re edged out of the Guide for forgetting to do up their top button.

Easton Cottage

Be warned, CAMRA, leave a pub out of the Guide and the landlord will reduce the number of pumps so the beer that’s left is better. Think on that.

Four pubs is a Proper Day Out, 88 minutes on the train via Ely, arriving just in time for a walk along the Wensum before lunch.


Very Norwich

I can confidently say I’ve now visited ALL the pubs called “Lollards Pit” in the UK, unless you know better. Which you don’t.

“Heretic” -one who denies the superiority of a pub with too many handpumps

The door creaked ominously like a sixteenth century scaffold.

Not the first pub where I’m the only customer at lunchtime, and certainly not the last. In a week’s time the studentz will be back, probably drinking blue shots in Popworld.

Proper Pub ?

I congratulated the lovely barman on his GBG entry as a prelude to flashing the gold card for a discount.

Callum works out the discount

As it happens the “Pie & Pint” discount beat the CAMRA discount, so my life membership is worthless.

Norwich pigs and Twix combo

Yes, of course I had the one with marmalade in it. I’m not a philistine.

As you can see, I had AC/DC for company, with their classic “Why not try our new chocolate orange cake“, a deep cut from 1980.

There are worse ways to spend a Thursday.

Good pie, decent Wherry, ancient pub a bit lacking in custom.

As Prince sang, just as I was leaving. “Whoo-oh woo-woo, whoo-oh woo-woo, whooh-oh woo woo”.

7 thoughts on “CANARIES

  1. well there are probably not that many Towns (and the government say they are officially classed a Town so we’ll role with that) with 31 odd pubs in the guide to begin with, let alone the other 26 that EDP article happily say is part of their branch allocation, 57 pubs !!! how did that happen ?

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    1. Only just got the opportunity to check the Guide and yes, thirty-one (31) new entries. That’s more than the WHOLE of North and NorthWest London outside N1 and NW1. And central Manchester only has 17.

      That said, they generally serve GBG quality beer. But I think the issue is that the vast swathes of Norfolk outside the city are so poor (few pubs, slow selling beer) so the city monopolises the allocation.


  2. Thanks for including the bit about the aggrieved Norwich landlord. Have you seen this sort of thing before (a pub complaining publicly about its lack of inclusion in the GBG), or is it an isolated case? Seems a good way of guaranteeing you’ll never get in again!

    I recall music critics being highly dismissive of “Why Not Try Our New Chocolate Orange Cake”, but as we all know it has stood the test of time.


    1. I guess there must be a bit of complaint about missing out, perhaps more so if you were in before and your branch rotates the entries.

      But, no, it’s a while since they went running to the press to complain.

      And yes, that track has certainly stood the test of time, despite the ill-advised Miley Cyrus cover version.

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