As you’ll imagine, the early part of the new season is full of shocks for the professional pub ticker. A bit like the Premiership, then.

Two minutes after sharing my excitement at FOUR new ticks in Norwich, Duncan had responded from his Moldovan craft beer bar, telling me that Louis Marchesi was actually the new name for Take 5.

What to do ? Amend my spreadsheet and consider it a free tick ? Or take a look ?

Let’s take a look.


Free advertising for The Transporter on my blog

I get to walk past the Adam & Eve, which looks like the sort of pub on the front cover of the AA Guide to Pubs for Gentlefolk 1977.

Olde England

I couldn’t remember Take 5 at all, even more reason to pop in for a half.

Would you have walked past ?

A cosy, rambling place with a large group of Monday diners and a couple on the Woodfordes Wobble, which sounds fun, doesn’t it ?

Nice dark wood at the bar
The pubby bit
The less pubby bit

What should I have then ?” I asked the nice man.

But then I notice the “I’m the staff favourite” sticker on the Fengate, which made my question a bit redundant.

More “Pick me” stickers on handpumps please

Why can’t all pubs do this ? In fact why can’t they JUST serve the one beer that’s their favourite.

And why can’t they ALL play Johnny Cash. Actually the barman declared his first pick a bit “too brutal” for the septuagenarian Monday diners; nice to see staff adapting their music choice to the custom.

The edgy bit

My notes on the beer, and remember I’m a pub sommelier, say “rich, potent, red, 3.5+“.

I told the nice barman his staff pick was great, and he told me the Louis was completely different from Take 5.

Take 5 was famous for its desserts. We got rid of the desserts to add more beer

I nodded, but secretly I knew I’d have wanted both.


12 thoughts on “LOUIS, LOUIS (MARCHESI)

  1. I’ve thought the Adam and Eve to be a Proper Pub whether or not it was on the front cover of the AA Guide to Pubs for Gentlefolk 1977.

    Anyone as cynical as me might conclude that “the staff favourite” is the equivalent of the “Manager’s Special” in Tim’s venues, the curry ready meals left over from the weekly “Curry Club” that will be date expired by the next one.

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  2. They do Staff Picks (or similar) on records in Rough Trade. Trouble is whenever I’ve looked at them it brings it home just how much a love of music is about personal taste. Same for beer. I’d have chosen the triangular pumpclip no matter what the staff like best.


    1. Good point on music. Before I joined the world of Spotify I’d occasionally take a punt on the “staff pick” in Fopp or the Piccadilly Records “Best of Year” at £10 a go and often feel duped.

      But beer ? I’ll drink anything, me.


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