Rules of Blogging No. 377 – If you can’t find a good picture of a shopping centre, use a lost cat.

The alternatives were these photos;

The cat wins
Unchanged since 1991

I’m still finishing my forensic analysis of the new Beer Guide (I haven’t started yet), but the arrival of a new Hatfield entry will surely be one of the big surprises, as shocking as Norwich stealing even a corner against the champions.

To be honest I’d have been less surprised by a craft bar in the University of Hatfield or Faldo’s Fine Ales @ Welwyn Golf Course. The area east of St Albans has been a bit of a GBG desert since Mrs RM and I worked nearby in the ’90s.


Nothing in the Guide for Welwyn Garden City, and just the occasional coaching inn on the Old Great North Road.

“Hatfield railway and bus stations are nearby using ‘blood and guts alley”. says What Pub of the Horse & Groom. I’m fairly sure Matt uses that alley to go a hardcore metal festival called Bloodstock.

Talking of alleys, this is the state of the underpass between the Galleria and the complex of offices, health and fitness centres (aaagh!) and University buildings hosting Harpsfield Hall.

NOT the filmset for Trainspotting 2

I can’t say I was scared; there were people walking through with M&S bags.Β  But it’s not what you expect in the heart of Hertfordshire, is it ?

The outside of the new Spoons is so dull I’ll spare you it and bring you instead a nice photo of young people enjoying Sol in the sun.

Future cask converts

It’s very quiet for a lunchtime. Clearly very few folk leave the comfort of Nando’s and Prezzo in the Galleria food court, and having seen that subway I can’t blame them.

Eerily quiet

Even some “fun” retro booths and deluxe power sockets aren’t enough.


But at least its accessibility makes it popular with our favourite type of customer.

Mobility scooter friendly

The by now predictable Spoons range, so I ask which one goes quickest.

Β£1.49 with voucher – are high prices killing cask

The Golden” I’m told, unconvincingly.

But the barman is right, it’s a bit cloudy but the right temperature, which counts for at least 2.5 of my NBSS 3.

Two sudents come to the bar and ask for an explanation of the cask and keg beers, before wisely settling on Moretti. No doubt they’ll be drinking proper beer within a year or two.



  1. Thanks for the picture of the underpass, Martin.

    Welwyn Hatfield is the Conservative Grant Shapps seat. The constituency voted Leave.

    Looks like a suitable place, for the retirement of like-minded souls if you ask me.


      1. Yes, Clacton-on-Sea also appears to be far more congenial than Hatfield, from where the bar appears to be set.

        There seem to be plenty of retirees there too.

        You never lose it.


  2. Why oh why would anyone include this place in the Galleria hell hole. Here’s a plan. The GBG tickers should be allowed to replace any pub with a beer score of 2.5 or below with a nearby pub. In this case (go on you were far too kind I bet), go to John Bunyan at Coleman Green.

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