I can take the mick (he’s my Uncle) out of Fenland; I was born there.

Less than a year after my taxi service took BRAPA to Whittlesey,

I was back.  The rail journey from Waterbeach to Whittlesey(/a) give you either 35 minutes or 2 hrs 35 minutes in town, so take a book.

By bye Hubs

Really, the only time you need come to Whittlesey is to watch Morris dancers at the Straw Bear festival in January.

On second thoughts…

Sometimes you walk past a pub and think “That’s a future GBG pub in waiting“.

I don’t think that sprung to mind walking past the Falcon Hotel.

Looks better now it’s in the Guide

The door slammed behind me, a dozen faces moved slightly to stare, a lady came over from hotel reception to serve me, wordlessly.

One beer on, which was a blessed relief.

NOT IPA, for a change

Some beers make you go “Wow ! taste this“, which can be a bit embarrassing when you’re on your own.

Some pubs make you go “Wow !” and the Falcon is one of them.

Pub life No. 11,366

I struggled to start the Grainstore, let alone finish it.

But that hardly mattered, as I was treated to what I can only assume was a final rehearsal of the Fenland Players upcoming production “Lounging“.


4 pm, half a dozen in, all younger than me.

Simon will dine for a week off the bants here

“Andy Murray.  You know who he reminds me of ?

It went straight through his sternum”

Shot him straight through the bum

“We’re all f***** up in our own different ways

So true.

All to the perfect accompaniment of Santana.

And this unexpected punk classic.

Fenland Punx

Wonderful people, wonderful pub, I hope the beer is better on Saturday when Si gets there.

With an hour to burn in Whittlesea, what to do ?

Where are the people ?

The craft called, but I had Spoons vouchers to use.

Guess the beer

And a couple in front had just had the Elgood’s Golden Newt, which makes life easy.

More good Spoons beer, a rich and cool 3.5, and a perfect chance to observe the septuagenarian Fen folk doing their own form of lounging.

They have some work to do to match the lounging on display in the Falcon.



  1. One of only a handful of Wetherbars I’m reasonably happy to drink in, except during Straw Bear weekend when it’s profitably rammed and the sound of morris bells approaching from the rear make going for a piss difficult 😳

    Reviving old hotels like the George is Tims only saving grace for me. This, the Tewkesbury one, the big one next to Nottingham Cricket pitch, all very worthy improvements on their former declining years, and you won’t hear me say that about a Wetherspoon very often.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL, I thought exactly the same thing.

        She looks like she knows she is lounging. There’s a certain sense of pride in that room. People doing nothing and proud of it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. No-one lounges with quite the languid finesse of the Moggster.
    Shortly adjourning to the Cider Press to watch the cricket in peace while Mrs PP-T takes Son 1 clothes shopping.
    Warming to Bristol immensely.
    We’re returning to Blighty next year and looking for somewhere to live …

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    1. Might I remind you, that in the twenty seventeen General Election, Bristol West had the biggest swing to Labour in the country? The 52.1% majority was also the largest in that seat since nineteen thirty-one. In the twenty sixteen referendum to leave the European Union, the constituency voted remain by 79.3%. That was the second highest support for remain amongst all constituencies. It’s my great pleasure.


      1. That’s what we like about you, Mark, you always see the best in a situation 😉

        I’ll wait and see what Duncan and Simon (if he decides to complete Cambridgeshire this year) think.

        Could be a quiet day, but it really didn’t look like a pub that sold a lot of cask.

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