Yes, I’m missing the Last Night of the Proms just so I can bring you another new GBG pub from the Heart (i.e. the dull bit) of Britain.


I actually hoped I’d visited all the pubs in Bedfordshire already, and it seems a county to have largely avoided the curse of Taps and micropubs (mainly because they’re not beer bores in Beds).

I wanted to tell you something interesting about Haynes but you’re out of luck.

A dormitory village for the county town and Luton, getting a few visits from gentlefolk visiting the Shuttleworth planes that will shortly be dropping emergency supplies in the south.

And some relatively hilly bits over at Chicksands, which isn’t as sandy as Sandy.

almost bucolic

The garden was vast and packed with families rejoicing in the knowledge that Simon won’t be visiting this year.

My Dad would enjoy being the gardener here.

Art installation

In fact, all very neat and tidy; closer to a Chef & Brewer than a Greene King local.

I’m having that table

I have no idea why it took so long to get served; complex Guinness orders I guess.

You’ll know already what I was having, but the wait persuaded me to add the prawn cocktail Taytos, to make me look sophisticated in a 1970s way.

Still bemused at the paper pump clip

I’ve decided to post about every pub this year, after skipping a few in GBG19 that bored me to stone (one of them was a local Pub of the Year).

Well, the Greyhound had reassuringly polite young people, reassuringly hard drinking Bedfordians, and a reassuringly good IPA, expertly matched with the Taytos (a rare spot).

My current average NBSS score is 3.31678549. Perhaps I should call it for the year, now.


12 thoughts on “TAYTOS IN CHICKSANDS

  1. “I’ve decided to post about every pub this year,”

    Bloody hell; I could barely keep up in the previous years!

    And, with that said, apologies for being AWOL these past few days. My dear old mum fell down at home and wasn’t found till the next day, still lying on the bathroom floor. She’s in hospital with very limited mobility on her left side. It looks like she won’t be able to go home once she is well enough to leave. My wife and I are busy trying to wade through the paperwork to enable her to come live with us (in another province) but it’s not easy, partly due to her cancer treatments. At the end of each day I find I’m not at my wittiest for posting. 😦

    But I promise to return! 🙂



    1. Sorry to hear about this, Russ. Hope all will turn out well for your mother and everyone else involved, though it sounds like you’re going through challenging times for a while, regardless. Good thing we can always count on Martin’s blog for something to make us smile.

      (Such as: “I wanted to tell you something interesting about Haynes but you’re out of luck!”)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul,
      Because 84% of crisp eaters want to see at least one nationally recognised crisp brand behind the bar. Fact.
      And Walkers are washed down very nicely with Doom Bar.


  2. “missing the Last Night of the Proms” as I have done every year since the 1970s – and I couldn’t stand all that time now anyway and it wouldn’t be the same seated.

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  3. It’s a little known fact that there is a Tayto amusement park in Ireland with proper roller-coasters built on the proceeds of millions of packets of crisps.
    I too missed the spectacle of all those saddoes waving EU flags at the Proms in favour of getting mullahed on proper cider at the Orchard Inn in Bristol ( thanks to whoever recommended it to me on here.)
    What a fine city Bristol is – I’ve only ever been here once before and that was to film a documentary on an ageing porn star trying to achieve her lifetime’s ambition of three up the tradesman’s entrance at once.
    But I like it enormously.
    From the bridegroom in front of me checking into the Premier Inn dressed in a tutu and fishnet stockings carrying a slab of Carling.
    To the hen party cruising past hundreds of revellers some of whom took it upon themselves to moon the boat.
    To the general,good-natured disposition of everyone enjoying the glorious,late-summer sunshine.
    And we do it all again today.


    1. P P-T,
      Yes, I have never been one for waving a flag.
      I agree that Bristol is a fine city but might it be at risk ? Those conscious of the shameful aspects of Britain’s history have already caused St Catherine’s College in Cambridge to hide a bell over fears it was ‘most likely’ used on slave plantation and might they next call for many of Bristol and Liverpool’s finest listed buildings to be demolished because they were built from the proceeds of the slave trade ?
      Bristol does seem to get its share of hen parties. When there a fortnight ago one such party was accompanied by an inflated inflatable man.
      Will you be calling in at the Bag of Nails to meet the cats ?


      1. Doubt it Mudgie – I hate cats with a vengeance.
        So does Bobby my mongrel.They send him demented.
        Once I’ve overcome this monster hangover the plan is to eat,drink more cider and hopefully watch Warner notch up another duck.
        I read that the Aussies are back up to their old tricks of nasty sledging now a drawn series is looming.
        Oafish fellows.


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