My last Mid Wales pub on the trip, and almost certainly my last in GBG19.

This map is, I hope, no help at all

And what a cracker the Greyhound was, tucked away in Radnorshire to the west of the thriving metropolis of, er, Knighton.

Wrong entrance

But look, it’s got a railway station, under a slightly different name to fool BRAPA.


I’ve kindly worked out the train times for BRAPA for tomorrow.


The 10:53 from York and 17:23 from Llangynllo would make for a pleasant day on the train, with an hour’s walk to and from the pub in the rain and 21 minutes in the Greyhound. Assuming it actually opens at 16:30, of course.

And assuming Si finds the entrance. It took me a minute.

Ah ! It’s at the back

Oh look, a GBG regular. How could I have left it so long ?

2014 is my favourite

Five locals stood at the bar. One of them looked familiar.

All of them, in fact

They were welcoming and chatty, and we soon got into lively conversation about the Brecon by-election the next day, comparing guesses on the number of defaced posters on the road to Builth.

Two beers on (is plenty !), Exmoor Stag and something from Nottingham. I went for Exmoor “because it’s closer“, only to be told that Nottingham was nearer. You don’t get that sort of debate in a Brunning & Pricey, as they write all the distances in miles on the pumpclip.

A decent Stag (NBSS 3+), great banter, a pub seemingly run for the benefit of those locals. Who ALL knew the Anchor, Anchor.

I could have stayed all night and annoyed them by playing Curved Air.

Proper music says Old Mudgie

But I had a Chinese takeaway to collect, so I bade them farewell, after failing to find the outside toilet, twice.

Classic loos

Back at the Guest House, I searched Llangunllo on my own blog…


A mere two years ago, and forgotten already. Honestly.

17 thoughts on “THIS ONE LOOKS FAMILIAR !

  1. “This map is, I hope, no help at all”

    You are correct. Even with the Hubble telescope I couldn’t read anything on that. πŸ™‚

    “the thriving metropolis of, er, Kinghton.”

    There’s a spelling error there surely.

    “under a slightly different name to fool BRAPA.”

    ‘Y’ ‘U’ think that would fool him I don’t know. πŸ˜‰

    “I’ve kindly worked out the train times for BRAPA for tomorrow.”

    Pretty sure after looking at the fares he’ll think ‘sod that’.

    “2014 is my favourite”

    Because it looks a bit like the pub in question?

    “and annoyed them by playing Curved Air”

    What the hell is Balk Street Love? πŸ˜‰

    “after failing to find the outside toilet, twice.”

    It’s out the back, along with the entrance.

    “A mere two years ago, and forgotten already. Honestly.”

    Should’ve searched with LLang’y’nllo. πŸ˜‰


    PS – Yes, I’m back… somewhat. It’s been an… interesting month. And in another week (or so) I’ll be AWOL yet again (sigh).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “2014 is my favourite” but NOT mine as it shows the White Hart Tap where my food took ages so that they had to wrap it in tin foil for me to eat on the train and, with my order having probably been lost between the bar and the kitchen, they denied how long it had taken as if I would order a meal twenty minutes before my departure from Abbey station to Watford Junction.
    I was delighted that we didn’t get there on the Proper Day Out last November.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, and 2013 was no better.
        My memory of the Sussex Ox is arriving in persistent rain ten minutes before it opened and someone carefully arranging beer mats on the tables rather than unlocking the door, and it wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen me.
        All I wanted was some shelter ( although I wouldn’t have minded a pint while I was waiting ).

        Liked by 1 person

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