£4.35 A PINT. £4.35!

I walked down Totnes High Street sulking about sour beer and shoddy service.

Be More Kind” said the voice in my head.

Well, it is a lovely town.

And the Royal Seven Stars is a stunner.

Rather different from the Seven Stars of basic pub legend, or even the Falmouth Bass Haven.

Not a seat to be had outside or in, but a rather different crowd to the Trustafarian hell holes up the hill.

Gentlefolk, loved up couples, Old Blokes in Gillan headbands, a nice mix.

Now, I could be mistaken, but isn’t that chap on the top of the stairs our mate from Loftus?

I nearly had a Doom Bar, you can’t go wrong with our nation’s favourite, can you.

But the local New Lion Pandit IPA was in the middle of the bar, which must give it an odds on chance of going quickest (FACT).

£4.35 please

I mouthed “four pounds thirty five!” under my breath as I handed over my fiver.

The barmaid laughed, knowingly.

I don’t think I’m paying £4.35 for cask on Cambridge yet.

But. There’s always a but. It was the beer of the day, a 3.5 heading to 4, cool and crisp and tasty.

Not bad for homebrew.

15 thoughts on “£4.35 A PINT. £4.35!

  1. Now here’s the thing.
    I enjoyed a good cigar and several pints of great cider here on a glorious sunny evening not so long back while waiting for the bus to Dartmouth which leaves from just round the corner from the Seven Stars.
    And I know for a fact the barmaid was wearing those striking black and white striped trousers because as Mrs PP-T will tell you my observations about barmaids in tight trousers are usually sound.
    We may well have been ships passing in the night young Martin.


  2. £4.35 a pint -we were at Kew Bridge yesterday & would have cheered to buy such a reasonably priced pint ! Totnes is a lovely place -Im sure there are some splendid Pashmina shops too !

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    1. Totnes is lovely; it’s just the people who live there and visit it 😛

      Btw, I paid £3.90 for a pint of microbrewery ordinary bitter today in a not particularly special pub in North Wales – it’s not just hipster Devon.


      1. I paid over £4 a pint in one or two of the smarter pubs in Cornwall. And Unicorn is up to £3.80 or £3.90 in some of the Stockport suburbs.


      2. Yes, I paid £4.25 in the Chainbridge hotel yesterday. It was a very good pint and a wonderful place to sit and enjoy it, but I’m still a little bit outraged…


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