“Invisible, you treat me like I’m invisible”

I’ve no wish to start a “me too” post where you tell me your horror stories about being ignored at the bar (oh, go on then), but my mood didn’t improve at Totnes Pub No. 2 when I realised that Old Fat Bald Blokes are actually not noticeable to young bar staff in hipster towns, even when there’s no other customers.

What you staring at?

The Bay Horse looks traditional, the sort of off-centre local you find in the back streets of Lewes or Hastings.

But the bare feel, arty paintings and jangly indie say “Proper Pub abandoned to wealthy hipsters

I stood at the bar for five minutes while the other customer’s complex cocktail order was made up, and counted out the £2.10 for a half of local homebrew.

A group of beardies in cargo shorts came in, loudly, and started giggling like prats.

The barman turned to them and said “What you having?”

I shot the look that says “wtf?” which the landlord correctly interpreted as “I was here first and you know it”.

Sorry mate, were you waiting?

No, I was just standing at the bar conspicuously NOT banking my change on the bar mate.

If it happened once a year I’d put it down to bad luck, but it happens every month, even when pubs are as quiet as this.

Just acknowledge my presence and I’m happy.

For the record, the New Lion Stout was lovely.

23 thoughts on “INVISIBLE

  1. We used to call it a ‘caspar’ as in the ghost. Will now always make the point of saying “excuse me I was before them”. Gone are the days of bar management, more’s the pity.


    1. It’s excusable in a busy Spoons but not when you were the only person at the bar but other folk are acting entitled.

      Occasionally I get “oh I assumed you’d been served” or “you didn’t say anything” which really winds me up. Some bar staff have lost the ability to say “What can I get you”.

      And if you read this blog you’ll know how often I praise our friendly bar staff. But Totnes was a shocker.

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      1. “It’s excusable in a busy Spoons” – No, Tim should spend some of his vast fortune on employing a few more barstaff.

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    1. I’m in this camp too.
      There is no pub or bar on this planet good enough not to warrant walking out of if the service is crap.
      I’ve done some pretty good flounces in my time.

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  2. The default for almost all bar staff now is the dreaded “who’s next?”, abdicating all responsibility and putting the ball firmly in the court of a mixed bag of gentleman, hen parties, and utter bounders to be honest about it. At best it opens up the warm-hearted possibility of deferring to someone you know was first, or being deferred to, but there’s always the chance some check-shirted alpha male will metaphorically cut you up with his bright red Maserati. Keying the car isn’t even a option…

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    1. Mark, especially when you were the only customer, and were joined after quite some wait by just a second, while the bar staff chatted.


      1. While the bar staff chatted about what a great job it’d be if they didn’t keep getting disturbed by potential customers coming in and wanting a pint.


      2. I’ll stick up for bar staff at this point, the young uns are polite and efficient most of the time.

        I do just think old blokes become invisible and are expected to make a fuss if they’re not served.


      1. Martin,
        Tim’s staff obviously take more notice of you than of me.
        And I go in the mornings when Tim thinks there won’t be many customers so a couple of staff can cope and then there’s more wanting breakfasts and coffees than he predicted. Maybe I should just remember that at least it’s fourteen hours not fourteen minutes till last orders.


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